Neon Stack Powers Eclipse EVM Compatibility: Transforming Solana and Ethereum Synergy with Industry-First Partnership

Eclipse pioneers the adoption of Neon Stack, bringing EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility to SVM (Solana Virtual Machine) networks.

In a strategic alliance shaping blockchain networks, Eclipse becomes the first to break the EVM-SVM compatibility barrier by deploying Neon Stack, a production-ready technology suite developed by the core Neon EVM team. 

Eclipse aims to reconstruct the blockchain landscape by combining the best of Ethereum and Solana. By integrating the SVM, Eclipse envisions bringing Solana’s ability to handle thousands of transactions per second onto Ethereum. 

A key component of this vision will be paved by Neon Stack – a standardized development stack that makes it easy for SVM-based blockchain networks to gain EVM compatibility for smart contract developers, which Eclipse will utilize on its SVM L2.

Neon Stack integrates Neon EVM smart contracts and Neon Proxy and is a battle-tested solution. It has been live on Solana mainnet since July 2023 and has successfully deployed many DeFi, gaming, DEXs, and other Ethereum-native Solidity dApps to Solana from their existing codebase. With Eclipse as its industry partner, this alliance marks a significant milestone in advancing blockchain interoperability and scalability while simplifying infra implementation for developers who wish to use SVM prowess on an Ethereum-native dApp. 

Davide Menegaldo, CCO Neon EVM, says, “With Neon Stack, we are paving the way for high-performance, scalable dApps infrastructure that transcends the limitations of traditional blockchain architectures and redefines computational efficiency. We are pleased to see Eclipse as the first industry partner to utilize the Neon Stack. ” 

Growing and scaling the blockchain economy cannot be accomplished by any single entity or protocol. Collaboration is critical for longer-term success in creating a multi-chain, decentralized future, and this first-of-its-kind partnership will open many doors. Both partners envision a future marked by unparalleled throughput and scalability. 

Neel Somani, Founder of Eclipse Labs, adds, “Our partnership with Neon Stack will allow developers to seamlessly deploy their dApps from EVM chains to Eclipse, further strengthening the harmonization between Solana and Ethereum. Solidity developers that want to build on a high-performance L2 that uniquely utilizes the strengths of the SVM can finally do so.”

Currently, there are 13,000+ dApps on the Ethereum ecosystem, with only 0.4% being cross-chained to Solana, which signifies a massive opportunity. This collaboration between Neon Stack and Eclipse, with its unique design, will lead developers to build high-quality dApps that take advantage of the best of what the two major L1s—Ethereum and Solana—and their native ecosystems and virtual machines have to offer.  

In the upcoming months, we will see the deployment, testnest runs, optimization, and benefits that the two industry heavyweight’s offer.

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