TPV Technology Expands into Next-Gen Monitors Market

The company aims to capitalize on Rashi Peripherals' strong and established network spread across various tier-class cities in India.

TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer, has announced that it is strategically expanding its foothold, to meet the growing demand for next-generation professional and gaming monitors. As part of its growth strategy, the company plans to extensively scale and capitalize on Rashi Peripherals Limited’s strong and established network spread across the key metros, TIER 1 and TIER 2 cities. Rashi Peripherals is the authorized distributor for AOC’s complete range of professional and gaming monitors in the Indian market.

Currently, the monitor industry is experiencing notable growth in the Indian market, with the gaming monitor industry projected to increase to USD 7.5 billion by FY28. TPV Technology is poised to capitalize on this opportunity and aims to increase its presence across all the key retail chains in India.  The company has recently revised its distribution model, under which it will be utilizing the well-rooted channel network of Rashi Peripherals Limited for distributing AOC’s complete range of monitors including AOC Gaming 24G2Z – 24 Inch FHD Monitor, AOC – G2590Px, 24.5 Inch (Gaming Monitor, AOC – C24G1,24 Inch (60.96 Cm) curved Gaming Led Monitor with Vga Port, AOC 31.5′ Curved 1ms 165Hz Full HD FreeSync Ultra Narrow Border Gaming Monitor, amongst others, in the Indian market.

Commenting on the development, Carol Anne Dias, Managing Director, TPV Technology – AOC & Philips Monitors said, “Currently TPV Technologies have over 100 existing models in our gaming monitor portfolio.  Our products are known to be the best in the segment, defined by the use of the most advanced technologies. Therefore, as a part of our expansion strategy we want to increase our penetration and presence across all retail chains in India. Rashi Peripherals Limited is our authorized distributor and is responsible for distributing our complete range of premium and futuristic gaming range of monitors. Rashi has a growing strong network across key cities, and we want to capitalize on this and expand our foothold in the Indian market. Our new distribution model changes will not minimize the role of our regional distributors. We will ensure that our channel ecosystem will grow together.”

Rashi Peripherals Limited has been appointed as an authorized distributor for West India and South India – extending AOC monitor distribution in key cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Vizag, Vijayawada, Goa, Pune, Bhopal and Raipur markets. Thereby expanding the TPV technologies reach of AOC professional and gaming monitors range across India.

Some of the advanced technologies that come with AOC’s complete array of pure monitor and gaming monitor ranges include:

●   Sharp Resolutions: Options range from Full HD (crisp details) to ultra-high resolutions (stunning clarity) for a truly immersive viewing experience.

●   Fast Refresh Rates & Response Times: Delivering smooth visuals and minimal blurring, ideal for fast-paced content and gaming.

●   Adaptive Sync to ensure seamless visuals by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics card (select models).

●   Low Blue Light Modes to reduce eye strain for extended viewing sessions.

●   Flicker-Free Technology: Minimizes screen flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience.

●   Ergonomic Stands: Allow for adjustments in tilt, swivel, and height, promoting a comfortable posture.