Infinite Electronics Announces Reforestation Initiative Resulting in Over 11,000 New Trees to Be Planted

For One Tree Planted, Infinite Pledges to Plant a Tree for Every Online Transaction

Infinite Electronics, a global portfolio of leading in-stock connectivity solution brands, has embarked on a substantial reforestation endeavor in collaboration with One Tree Planted, a prominent nonprofit dedicated to restoring global forests. The initiative follows a month-long drive wherein Infinite pledged to plant a tree for every online transaction made across an extensive portfolio of nearly a dozen of its brands.

“At Infinite Electronics, our commitment to sustainability and ecological stewardship is ingrained in our corporate ethos,” said Penny Cotner, the company’s CEO. “We’re delighted to continue working with One Tree Planted on this impactful campaign, and to continue fostering environmental awareness within our spheres of influence.”

Participating e-commerce brands under Infinite’s umbrella included Pasternack, Fairview Microwave, L-com, MilesTek, ShowMeCables, NavePoint, PolyPhaser, Transtector and Aiconics. Now entering its third year, this initiative has collectively facilitated the planting of over 33,000 trees across various regions worldwide.

Trees, as vital components of the Earth’s ecosystem, play an indispensable role in mitigating climate change and preserving biodiversity, encompassing over 80 percent of terrestrial species. Moreover, forests serve as invaluable sources of employment for millions globally, while also serving as carbon sinks and reservoirs of medicinal resources. Through its community-centric initiative, Infinite Cares, Infinite Electronics remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, championing philanthropic causes and volunteerism to effect positive change.

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