Evaluation Modules Support RECOM Integrated Buck Converters

New range of EVMs for 0.5 to 20A switching regulators now available.

Evaluation of RECOM’s wide range of integrated buck regulators is now made easier with the announcement of the availability of new EVMs. Suiting models in the RECOM RPL, RPH, and RPZ range with current ratings from 0.5A to 20A, the evaluation modules provide a convenient way to characterize converter performance in a realistic environment, both thermally and electrically.

Filters are included to demonstrate compliance with EMI ‘Class B’ levels and all functions available in each converter can be exercised, including, where applicable, output voltage selection and trim, remote sensing, on/off control, switching frequency selection, soft start, input under-voltage lock-out, and Power Good signaling.

As the EVMs are designed to provide typical application heatsinking, the buck converters can be operated and evaluated at full load, and behavior is investigated under overload and overtemperature conditions.

Alternate component positions are also included to allow experimentation to tailor EMC performance to the application and budget.

The RECOM RPL, RPH, and RPZ products are a range of cost-effective integrated buck converters in QFN and LGA packages featuring advanced thermal and electrical design. The modules all have integrated inductors and feature a market-leading miniature footprint and profile down to just 1.6mm.

Matthew Dauterive, MSc, DC/DC product manager of RECOM comments: “These new EVMs let you thoroughly evaluate our RPL, RPH, and RPZ buck converters to give high confidence in their performance in your end application”.

Parts include a three-year warranty, and samples and OEM pricing are available from authorized distributors, or directly from RECOM.

For more information, please visit www.recom-power.com