SARAFU Highlights B2B Marketplace & Financial Solutions at GITEX Africa 2024, Joins Visa Fintech Accelerator

With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Sarafu's products are designed to empower individuals and businesses across the continent, fostering economic growth and stability

Sarafu, a leading B2B e-commerce and payments company, recently participated in GITEX AFRICA 2024, which took place from May 29-31 in Marrakech, Morocco. This premier technology event served as a platform for Sarafu to unveil its latest innovations in financial solutions and connect with industry leaders from around the globe.

In addition to its successful showcase at GITEX AFRICA, Sarafu is proud to announce its acceptance into the second cohort of the Visa Fintech Accelerator program in Africa. This prestigious program aims to support and accelerate the growth of innovative fintech companies across the continent, providing Sarafu with invaluable resources and mentorship to further its mission of expanding digital commerce in East Africa.

GITEX AFRICA, known for bringing together the best in technology and innovation, provided an ideal venue for Sarafu to demonstrate its commitment to revolutionizing financial services in Africa. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Sarafu’s products are designed to empower individuals and businesses across the continent, fostering economic growth and stability.

“We were thrilled to be part of GITEX AFRICA 2024 and are honored to join the Visa Fintech Accelerator program,” said Firas Ahmad, Group CEO of Sarafu. “These opportunities represent significant milestones for us, allowing us to showcase our cutting-edge financial solutions, engage with key stakeholders, and receive critical support from industry leaders like Visa. Our acceptance into the Visa Fintech Accelerator is, in part, a validation of our approach to building B2B marketplaces in Africa, an area where a number of other players have faced challenges of late.”

During the event, Sarafu presented its unique approach to digitalizing commerce including:

Integrated Payments and E-Commerce: In order to fully digitize the marketplace in Tanzania, Sarafu built both the commerce and payments engines together, a necessary step given fragmentation across the online and digital payments space in the country.

Industry Leading Data: Sarafu’s approach to digitizing the supply chain yields the most accurate and comprehensive data sets on Fast Moving Consumer Goods in the region.

Market Segmentation: Sarafu’s data allows it to effectively segment the market and create value for both manufacturers and retail shops, resulting in industry leading take rates.

Visitors to the Sarafu booth at GITEX AFRICA had the opportunity to learn about the company’s progress, interact with the team, and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Additionally, Sarafu participated in various discussions and networking sessions, contributing to conversations on the future of financial technology in Africa.

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