Passion Motorbike Factory and GMV offers sustainable autonomous mobility solution powered by AI and 5G

• The “Scoobic MED: 5G Autonomous Electric Logistics Vehicle in smart pay-per-use” is a major step forward in the future of urban delivery, bringing together 5G technology and autonomous electric mobility to offer more efficient and sustainable solutions.
• Passion Motorbike Factory and GMV are offering a groundbreaking pay-per-use business model to boost autonomous electric mobility, powered by artificial intelligence and 5G technology.

Passion Motorbike Factory-Scoobic, an innovative electric mobility company, and GMV, a technology multinational company leading the way in autonomous vehicle control and management technologies, have announced their partnership in a groundbreaking project to automate last-mile delivery in urban settings. This ambitious project, funded by the Ministry for Digital Transformation and the Civil Service,, through the UNICO SECTORIAL 5G 2022 Program as part of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, aims to establish the technical foundations needed for a new business model based on autonomous mobility, energy efficiency, and data management through a pay-per-use approach, all using 5G technology as the backbone.

The main goal of the project is to develop a last-mile electric vehicle integrated with an autonomous vehicle control system to open up the possibilities of unassisted asset movement in urban areas for logistics companies with a pay-per-use cost structure. 5G technology enables real-time communications, security, and minimal latency, facilitating autonomous vehicle movement in controlled urban areas. These vehicles, similar to mobile robots, will carry out various delivery tasks, improving the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of the entire solution thanks to the application of artificial intelligence and uPathWay, GMV’s cloud-based robot management software platform.

Technological development and project benefits

The project’s main lines of development include the design and testing of a Scoobic last-mile electric vehicle with autonomous capabilities. In addition, a management platform integrated with other systems will be created, using 5G and artificial intelligence algorithms for vehicle control and facilitating the management of a multi-tenant fleet (software architecture that allows a single software instance to serve many customers) on a pay-per-use basis. Robust cybersecurity mechanisms will also be implemented from the design phase to protect the new autonomous vehicle ecosystem.

 From left to right : Ángel C. Lázaro, head of Robotics and Automation of the GMV Industry Sector, Raquel Ortiz, Director of Public Financing at Scoobic, Miguel Hormigo, GMV Industry Sector Director, José María Gómez, CEO of Scoobic, Rafael Uceda, GMV Project Manager

This project will have a positive impact at various levels. In economic terms, it will provide logistics companies with a cost-effective solution for goods transport in urban areas, with a cost model based on pay-per-use. This will significantly reduce initial and recurring costs, increasing market competitiveness. From an environmental point of view, reducing carbon emissions in urban settings will contribute to greater sustainability and improved quality of life. As for technology, the final product has a high potential for transfer to other sectors, such as agriculture, automotive, and healthcare, where the autonomous movement of vehicles can provide numerous benefits.

Through this partnership, Passion Motorbike Factory-Scoobic and GMV are not only radically transforming last-mile delivery but also laying the groundwork for a more sustainable and efficient mobility ecosystem. The integration of advanced technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence will help cities become cleaner and more connected, benefiting both businesses and city residents.