CalcuQuote Enhances StockCQ for Electronics Excess Market

CalcuQuote, a leading supply chain solutions provider for the electronics industry, announced exciting updates for StockCQ, a trusted marketplace designed to help electronics manufacturers trade excess inventory. To help more industry stakeholders reduce their excess inventory efficiently, the platform is now open to a broader range of users, including distributors, brokers, and resellers. Users also have the option to work with a third-party partner, Astute Group, a globally recognized component distributor, to facilitate transactions including inspections, transferring funds, and delivery. These updates aim to simplify buying and selling excess components, reduce inventory waste, and strengthen supply chain resilience. StockCQ is free of charge, reinforcing CalcuQuote’s commitment to serving the electronics ecosystem and building a more connected electronics supply chain.

“As the electronics supply chain shifts from a shortage market to an excess market, StockCQ continues to play a role in helping the industry move inventory to where it can be utilized,” said David Paschall, Director of New Business Development at CalcuQuote. “With the latest updates to StockCQ, including expanded user access and the option to leverage Astute’s expertise and services, we are enabling StockCQ users to effectively manage their excess inventory and broaden their supply base.”

With an expanded user base, StockCQ enhances connectivity within the electronics ecosystem, promoting a seamless flow of excess inventory. These updates bring significant benefits to the industry, making it easier than ever to reduce surplus stock and source rare components. The larger pool of potential buyers increases the chances of successful transactions. Also, the optional collaboration with Astute Group simplifies the commercial aspects of the transaction while adding a layer of trust to the process. It helps manufacturers save time and resources while ensuring the quality and reliability of transactions.

“We are excited to work with an industry leader like CalcuQuote.” Said Mark Pollard, the President & COO at Astute Group. “Our collaboration will enable StockCQ users to trade their excess inventory effortlessly through a streamlined and reliable transaction process.”

Join the marketplace by simply uploading your excess inventory list via