Frost & Sullivan: Critical Manufacturing Named Top Vendor for MES

Critical Manufacturing, a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), has received high honors in Frost & Sullivan’s MES Radar report. Critical Manufacturing’s 50% year-over-year growth rate earned them top ranking for growth potential, and they were also among the top three for innovation and industry disruption.

The report describes: “Critical Manufacturing is one of the most well-balanced companies in the MES sector, with a state-of-the-art technology stack, a wide range of targeted industry verticals, and a strong SI network that supports its presence in three main global regions. The company has also earned a sterling reputation for supporting its customers’ path toward Industry 4.0.”

Frost & Sullivan derives the Radar™rankings from an analysis of 14 leading MES providers, which are part of the Global MES Growth Opportunities study. The report profiles vendor strengths and related market needs.  

“Critical Manufacturing’s MES offers a modular, unified data model for managing IoT and transactional data, allowing off-the-shelf configuration, flexibility, and consistency by integrating all relevant information seamlessly,” said Agustín Fabris, Research Analyst, Industrial Automation, Frost & Sullivan.

Critical Manufacturing’s current MES (V10) sets new industry standards in providing real-time operational views, clear guidance for operators and simplified product management for comprehensive data and deep insights. It simplifies deployment across multiple sites and is future ready, utilizing container orchestration and DevOps practices for efficient and agile operations.

Frost & Sullivan researchers also recognized Critical Manufacturing for its rigorous partner and system integrator certification program that ensures that customers receive the consistently high-quality implementation service regardless of which partner they work with. As stated in the report “Frost & Sullivan sees Critical Manufacturing as a strong contender for market dominance in the future”.

“We are honored to have received such positive recognition from the Frost & Sullivan team. Their report also projects a significant increase in MES demand over the decade and we are excited to be meeting that through continued innovation on behalf of our customers,” said Critical Manufacturing president Francisco Almada Lobo.

For more detail on the Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of the Critical Manufacturing MES and overall market, download a complimentary copy of the report here.