Wiliot Announces Inaugural Ambient IoT Unplug Fest, A Must-Attend Interoperability Event for Companies Building Next-Gen Ambient IoT Devices

Wiliot will offer a “state of ambient IoT,” preview future products, and unveil its new Wiliot Ambient IoT Certified Product program for verifying interoperable solutions, ensuring a massively scalable Internet of everyday Things.

Wiliot, the ambient Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer, announced the first-ever Wiliot Ambient IoT Unplug Fest, July 22-23, 2024, in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The event is designed to bring together manufacturing partners, interested companies, and technologists that are developing and scaling ambient IoT devices to ensure they reach their full potential.

Ambient IoT is a battery-free wireless technology being incorporated into leading wireless standards, such as Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, 6G, and Wi-Fi. It allows all types of products to connect to the Internet and exploit the power of artificial intelligence at a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies.

“For ambient IoT to reach its full potential and transform the world, it takes an ecosystem of companies with products and technologies that all work together,” said Dotan Ziv, general manager of Wiliot’s Network business. “Wiliot’s first Unplug Fest puts interoperability at the center of that ecosystem, giving companies their best-ever chance to test technology with a broader set of solutions beyond their individual deployments – so that as ambient IoT transforms industries, they can be among the first to benefit from its vast potential.”

To that critical end, Wiliot will introduce its Wiliot Ambient IoT Certified Product program. Over both days of the Ambient IoT Unplug Fest, companies will be able to test their products in a lab setting to verify compatibility and performance with ambient IoT network bridges, gateways, and more across multiple generations of ambient IoT Pixels and sensors. Ambient IoT Certification will be granted to products and solutions that pass rigorous interoperability testing.

“As we move from a high-labor, high-cost auto-ID reader infrastructure to a pervasive low-labor, low-cost sensing infrastructure, products certified for ambient IoT interoperability will be critical,” Ziv continued. “As a driving force behind ambient IoT, Wiliot is proud to take on these earliest efforts at product certification, but we know it takes the whole industry to capitalize on emerging market demand.”

During Wiliot Ambient IoT Unplug Fest, attendees will gain:

  • Insight from Wiliot executives about the current ambient IoT solution stack and the massive market opportunity for both technology manufacturers and the companies that will employ ambient IoT in their business operations.
  • Hands-on access to testing with the next generation of Wiliot smart-tags and access to other manufacturers’ ambient IoT solutions to understand where the industry is headed.
  • Dedicated interoperability testing periods with labs and testing equipment supplied by Wiliot and partners.
  • Collaborative knowledge and hands-on sessions with Wiliot experts and industry peers on subjects such as troubleshooting and debugging, optimizing power and RF performance, and understanding and using the Wiliot platform.
  • Ample opportunity to network with other ambient IoT ecosystem players to explore partnerships and go-to-market collaborations.

“Wiliot’s Ambient IoT Unplug Fest is the premier opportunity for companies to get involved in the ambient IoT ecosystem and capitalize on market demand,” Ziv concluded. “We look forward to coming out of Bentonville with pressure tested, unified, deployable sets of solutions that can scale ambient IoT and the revenues of this industry and the customers it serves.”

Attendance at Wiliot Ambient IoT Unplug Fest is complementary. Registration can be found at www.wiliot.com/wiliot-ambient-iot-unplug-fest, and registration closes on Monday, June 24th. For more information about Wiliot and its ambient IoT platform, visit www.wiliot.com.