NeoMesh sensor modules integrated into smart fridge project from Endrich Bauelemente

Compact size, easy installation plus independence from electrical and wired communication networks make modules ideal for IoT applications

NeoCortec, the experts on wireless connectivity and providers of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network hardware and software solutions, has been working together with its German distributor Endrich Bauelemente GmbH to develop a concept for smart fridges. The project is aimed at empowering fridge manufacturers to incorporate intelligent features enabling end users to monitor various parameters of their refrigerator via a mobile application.

Leveraging NeoMesh wireless sensor modules, the integration of multiple IoT functionalities becomes effortless and swift. These include monitoring the temperature and humidity within the refrigerator compartment, as well as tracking the brightness of the interior light and the status of the door. Through the collection of data such as the frequency and duration of door openings, valuable insights for marketing or commercial purposes can be readily obtained, particularly in commercial settings like gas stations or retail stores.

Zoltán Kiss, Head of the R&D Department at Endrich Bauelemente, highlights, “By integrating NeoMesh sensor modules into our solution, we can effortlessly capture any necessary data and transmit it wirelessly to our own IoT ecosystem or any other suitable cloud service.” Kiss further emphasizes, “Combined with its extremely low power consumption and the ability to establish scalable local wireless networks, NeoMesh stands out as the ideal product for our smart IoT solution.”

The primary requirements for IoT sensor modules in smart devices typically include compact size, easy installation, independence from electrical and wired communication networks, and straightforward commissioning. When utilizing battery-powered, wireless communication technology like NeoMesh, with all necessary sensors integrated into the module itself, installation can typically be carried out without the need for a specialist. “This is precisely what makes our NeoMesh technology so user-friendly,” comments Thomas Steen Halkier, CEO of NeoCortec.

For further information about NeoCortec’s smart fridge project please click here.