Discover the Honeywell ABP Sensor Series

At 8mm, Honeywell’s Amplified Basic Pressure (ABP) sensors are industry leaders in compact form. These accurate and durable sensors come with amplified digital or analog output and can easily be incorporated into your design. Watch the video to learn more about their features and benefits.

Starting at just 7mm X 8mm, amplified basic pressure sensors from Honeywell are among the smallest in their class. And that’s only the beginning of the advantages for your product.

The ABP series comes with amplified and compensated digital or analog output; easy to incorporate on your board. Even in thermal extremes, these sensors stay tough, enhancing up time. You will also appreciate their high accuracy, which minimizes calibration needs.

ABP sensors offer lots of flexibility for your design as well. With a wide pressure range, low power consumption, wet liquid media compatibility, and more so you can plug them right into a variety of applications, including devices for the growing Internet of Things.

Just as important, they are economically priced, saving you not just board space but also costs in your next project; bringing you performance, precision, flexibility.

Discover the small wonder of ABP series sensors, only from Honeywell.