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Medical Standard, 120-350W Open-frame AC-DC Converter

MORNSUN: Medical Standard, 120-350W Open-frame AC-DC Converter

Introduction MORNSUN latest open-frame ACDC Converter LOF series can meet the standard of the medical industry, and comes with...
Mornsun LS-R3 AC/DC Converter

MORNSUN: Compact and All-rounder AC/DC Converter LS-R3 Series

The flyback converter in the switching power supply is the most common AC/DC power supply. With the development of integrated circuit technology,...
capacitance issues in power supply circuits

Nano Cap Technology: Solves capacitance issues in power supply circuits

The growing awareness for sustainable energy consumption has led to greater electrification in a variety of applications. Especially in the automotive field,...
100V Half-Bridge MOSFET Drivers

Rugged 100V Half-Bridge MOSFET Drivers

Renesas Electronics introduced the HIP2211 and HIP2210, a new pair of 100V half-bridge MOSFET drivers. The HIP2211 is a next-generation pin-compatible upgrade...

QPL-qualified SupIR-SMD package for rad hard MOSFETs enables higher performing space power systems

Reliably attaching surface mount hermetic power packages to PCBs is a common challenge faced by space system designers. Too often, different thermal...
Integrated Voltage Regulators

World’s Smallest and Fastest Voltage Regulators Sampling Now

Empower Semiconductor announced the EP70xx, a cutting edge family of power management ICs that will provide significant energy savings in data centers...
SiC MOSFETs automotive

4th Generation SiC MOSFETs Featuring the Industry’s Lowest ON Resistance

ROHM announces the cutting-edge 4th Generation 1200V SiC MOSFETs optimized for automotive powertrain systems, including the main drive inverter, as well as...
synchronous buck regulators

Fixed-frequency Synchronous Buck Regulators with 30ns minimum on-time

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited introduced AOZ676xDI series of high switching frequency and simple-to-use synchronous buck regulators. AOZ6762DI and AOZ6763DI are capable of delivering 2A and 3A,...
High-Voltage VIPer Controller

STMicroelectronics VIPer Controller for Smart Devices

STMicroelectronics' VIPer222 controller for high-voltage converters up to 8W brings small size, low cost, and versatility to applications such as home appliances, building-automation devices,...
Web-Based Simulation Tool

Web Simulation Tool for Circuit Verification of Power Devices & Driver ICs

Introduction In recent years, technical innovations in the automotive field towards autonomous driving, greater electrification, enhanced safety functions,...