Test products: Programmable AC and DC cabinet test systems

Pacific Power Source has announced a complete range of high-power AFX Series integrated cabinet test systems. The systems consist of two or more integrated AFX AC & DC capable programmable power sources in a parallel configuration for power levels of 18kVA and higher. All are completely prewired for AC input and AC/DC output and ready to use out of the crate. AFX power sources use a proprietary, all-digital, power conversion technology delivering much higher power density than previously available, allowing a 45kVA system to fit in a 33-inch bench height cabinet, for example.

All AFX cabinet systems feature active power corrected AC input with a wide input voltage range that allows them to be deployed anywhere in the world. Voltage, waveform, current, power, phase and frequency are programmable with 99 non-volatile setups that can be stored for quick recall as part of a test protocol to reduce remote control overhead.

Other features and capabilities include a 15Hz to 1200Hz frequency range, single 300VRMS constant power mode voltage range, programmable RMS or DC and peak current limit functions, and included PPSC Studio Windows control software. All this capability is easily controlled by the user through an intuitive front panel with a large, full-color, LCD display. For ATE applications, the AFX series offers a LAN interface with LXI compliance and IVI instrument drivers.

Cabinet systems from 18kVA to 45kVA are packaged in a small, 33-inch tall, 19-inch cabinet with casters for easy mobility. Systems above 45kVA are provided in a 56-inch tall cabinet. Also available in kit form without a cabinet, these AFX systems can be integrated into a new or existing ATE system as needed.

“With the release of these high-power cabinet systems, our AFX Series catalog is rapidly expanding to support our customers growing demands for precision power in development and test,” said Eric Lord, National Sales Manager for Pacific Power. “The compact and cost-effective nature of these AFX cabinets compared to any other offering provides a space-efficient, economical and high-tech solution for users seeking to upgrade their power test capabilities without compromising on performance or quality.”

About Pacific Power Source
Founded in 1973, Pacific Power Source, Inc., is a world leader in high-performance AC power sources and power conversion equipment. The company designs and manufactures its products at its headquarters in Irvine, Calif., with sales and service centers in the U.S., China, the United Kingdom and Germany. Pacific Power Source also has a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors. The company serves the commercial/industrial and military markets worldwide, for applications ranging from research and development to manufacturing and facility power in aerospace, appliances (“white ware”), communications, computers, government laboratories, lighting, and test and measurement instrumentation, among others.

Source: http://www.utilityproducts.com/