Mouser Electronics Widens Breadth of Analog Devices Eval Boards

March 6, 2017 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the new product introduction (NPI) leader that stocks more Analog Devices product than any other distributor, is offering a wide variety of the latest evaluation boards from Analog Devices for its engineering customers.

The Analog Devices EVAL-CN0369SDPZ evaluation board helps designers evaluate the CN-0369 translation phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer with low phase noise. This self-contained evaluation board includes the ADF4002 synthesizer, AD8065 operational amplifier, HMC512 voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), and ultra-low-noise low dropout regulators (LDOs). Designers can program the evaluation board with the ADF4002 Integer-N software. A USB cable is provided with the evaluation board to connect to a PC USB port.

To evaluate switches and multiplexers, Mouser offers the EVAL-10MSOPEBZ evaluation board for 10-lead MSOP devices and the EVAL-24TSSOPEBZ evaluation board for 24-lead TSSOP devices. Using the clamp supplied with either kit, designers can secure the switch or multiplex device to the center of the evaluation board, which eliminates the need for soldering and makes the board reusable for multiple devices. Both boards also offer ten pins that can set to either VDD or GND, a screw terminal for VDD and GND supply, and space for prototyping new designs. The boards’ SMB connectors allow engineers to supply additional external signals to the device.

The EVAL-5CH6CHSOICEBZ evaluation board helps designers evaluate the features and capabilities of the 5-channel and 6-channel SOIC standard digital isolators with iCoupler technology. The board comes installed with power terminals and bypass connectors as well as 0.2 inch header positions to ensure compatibility with active probes. The four-layer board independently powers each side of a standard data isolator and allows high differential voltage to be applied between the two sides of a standard data isolator.

Mouser Electronics is a trusted and fully authorized source for Analog Devices products.

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