Alcohol and Formaldehyde Detection Sensors Among Others in Expanded Range

Dart Sensors is a British chemical sensor developer and manufacturer, founded in 1994 and drawing on 40 years experience in the field. Leaders in breath alcohol and formaldehyde detection, Dart Sensors are currently expanding our product range, introducing variations on existing sensors while introducing innovative products.

Alcohol sensors: the world’s first skin-contacting transdermal alcohol sensor has been adopted by BACtrack of San Francisco for their “Skyn” wearable product which communicates a continuous alcohol measurement to a mobile phone; and an all new high temperature-resistant breath alcohol sensor which has passed exposures at 85C for 500 hours with uncompensated humidity is being rolled out to meet exacting vehicle interlock specifications.

Food Freshness: This sensor is sensitive to vapours given off during food spoilage from a variety of classes of foodstuffs, and can be installed in an intelligent refrigerator.

Oxygen sensor: The world’s first lead-free, industry compatible, two pin fuel cell oxygen sensor, is currently undergoing life tests. No need to make the change to receive three-pin oxygen sensors!

Dart Sensors is further pleased to announce a joint venture with Shenzhen Prosense Technologies, under which certain new DS products will be assembled in China using original Dart Sensors components. Prosense will market the sensors within the China market subject to DS auditing procedures, and our Chinese subsidiary Dart Sensors Shenzhen Ltd will export from China to the external world markets. This will give us access to very high volume, low cost manufacture, and as Dart Sensors currently exports 100% of sensor product from the UK, an alternative supply route in the event of fallout from its departure from the European Union. Enquiries from potential distributors worldwide for these products are welcome. Products already listed are:

Formaldehyde pre-calibrated module, 0.03 – 2 ppm. Formaldehyde is notoriously difficult to handle and presents sensor customers with problems in obtaining a reliable calibration. This product outputs a pre-calibrated formaldehyde ppm output directly. Accuracy is assured by cross-checking across three different assay methods. For automotive air quality applications a high temperature (85C) resistant version will be offered.

Low cost carbon monoxide sensor: a high quality leakproof sensor for high volume applications. Target price for large volumes is currently $6 and we are confident that we can progressively take the price lower.

Hydrogen sensor: ready soon, an industry standard three pin sensor. This will be the basis for the introduction of other competitively priced three pin industrial gas sensors.

Dart Sensors’ sensor development is entirely customer driven. Let them solve your chemical sensing problem.