Himax Technologies Inc., Launches Highly Efficient Sensor For Compact Devices

UltraSenseIR HM1062 HD sensor, a sensor developed by the Himax Technologies, Inc. (ADR) (NASDAQ:HIMX) subsidiary, Himax Imaging, has been launched. The HM1062 HD sensor can be programmed by use of a 2-wire serial interface and multi-camera synchronization is support by the sensor.

The HM1062 sensor has a capacity to deliver quantum efficiency of about 44% and this could enable the development of computer vision applications that are safe for the eyes. This could be for such compact devices as the front-facing cameras found on wearable devices, notebooks, drones, smartphones and other devices.

“The Himax UltraSenseIR NIR sensitivity allows for the reduction of laser output power which can substantially improve the eye safety of the device,” said Himax Imaging’s chief technology officer, Amit Mittra.

Low noise performance
Himax Imaging’s CTO went on to add that the NIR sensitivity which enjoys low noise performance was important in order to image data that was of high quality. It also allows the processing and analysis by the computer vision systems to be done more effectively. With NIR sensitivity it is also possible to capture data which would otherwise have gone undetected if a sensor of lower sensitivity had been used.

The chief executive officer of Himax Technologies, Jordan Wu, on the other hand said the positive feedback the firm had received from its partners was mainly because of the system performance advancements that had been made. Additionally, the opportunities presented for lowering system costs, mechanical dimensions and power also contributed.

Growing demand
Wu also expressed hope that with the growing trend of more and more applications and industries placing sensing intelligence and elements to increasingly smaller devices, the demand for the Himax technology would only grow. This is because its requirement for external components is low and because of its small package size which makes it ideal for use in a wide range of embedded devices that make use of computer vision.

At the moment the HM1062 is undergoing sampling and is slated for mass production and release by mid this year.

For more information visit: http://www.himax.com.tw/