5G Smart Bandages will track your health, send results to your doctor

Ever look at a bandage dressing and wonder why it can’t be smarter? Probably not, but for the few of you who do, a team at Swansea University’s Institute of Life Science in the UK is finally answering that question. They are currently planning trials of smart, 3D printed bandages that will use 5G wireless data along with nano-sized sensors that tell you your health stats. This not only helps you keep track of your health, it will help doctors adjust the recovery process if necessary.

5G data sounds a bit much for bandages. Most of our phones don’t even have that capacity, but the university’s Marc Clement assures its necessary. He says 5G data will give the bandages the ability to send constant data to doctors since it has “resilient, robust bandwidth.”

So how exactly do these smart bandages work? Ideally, the wound would be connected to a 5G infrastructure, which then connects to your phone. The data can then be sent to your doctor, who can monitor the treatment process. If the process is going well, then the wound can be addressed differently. Or if the wound seems to be getting worse, your doctor will know right away and can take care of the issue.

It sounds promising, but there are still several steps to take to actually get this to work. The city of Swansea needs to test its 5G hub and experts working on the nano tech sensors need to finish building them. As for the 3D printed bandages, they’re being made at the university’s Institute of Life Science Center in an effort to bring down costs. Also involved in the project are experts from the Welsh Would Innovation Centre. Trial runs with go through the Arch wellness and innovation project.

Considering everything that still needs to be done, don’t expect to see these smart bandages anytime soon. Still, it sounds promising. Anything to help monitor your health and help make your doctor’s job easier is always a plus. Giving doctors a detail view of what’s going on without having to visit the hospital could mean the difference between removing bandages sooner and getting worse if the problem worsens and goes untreated.

Source: element14