NTN: Development of “Thin Type High Precision Angle Sensor”

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has developed a “Thin Type High Precision Angle Sensor” for robot joints or similar applications. The developed product can detect angles with high precision and is both thin and lightweight. As a result, even more precise angle detection is realized compared with the conventional “Bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor*.”

In the recent robot market, there is a demand for accurate and high precision positioning for robots. NTN has developed an angle sensor that detects the rotational angle with high precision which is suitable for this type of need.

The current developed “Thin Type High Precision Angle Sensor” consists of a magnetic sensor and a double-track magnetic encoder that magnetizes a double-row magnetic track with different pole numbers to a rubber magnetic material after composite molding it with a ring part. With conventional encoders the N pole and S pole pair arrangement (polar pairs) had 32/31 polar pairs. However, this developed product has a 64/63 polar pair arrangement. Therefore, while sophisticated angle detection is possible, high precision magnetization techniques are required not to affect adjacent magnetic tracks. NTN has achieved using its unique high precision magnetization techniques.

In the near future, NTN will also develop an axial type in addition to the radial type developed this time. NTN will move forward with commercializing the “Thin Type High Precision Angle Sensor” and also commercializing sets consisting of this developed product and bearings while verifying market demand.

The developed product was exhibited at the Techtuit Co., Ltd. exhibition booth during Techno-Frontier Exhibition 2017 at Makuhari Messe.

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