What you need to know about solar power

Solar power harnesses the sun’s natural energy and converts it into usable electricity. This gives you the power of long-term savings, reliable energy and independence from the national grid.

How it works
1. The sun’s energy is absorbed by photovoltaic solar panels, which convert that energy to direct current (DC).

2. The DC passes through a controller, which regulates the current being sent to your home’s distribution board (DB).

3. The current is stored in batteries, so that the solar energy can be harnessed at night.

4. The DC then passes through an inverter, which creates the alternating current (AC) you use to power your electrical devices.

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Do I need it?
Most households use solar power for one of three reasons:
1. Savings
Your off-grid solar power supply limits your dependence on the national grid, and reduces your monthly electricity costs.
2. Backup
Here your solar power supply provides reliable and rechargeable power in the event of a power outage.
3. Independence
Having your own solar power allows you to go “off the grid”, and not have to rely on Eskom and the national power grid.

While an independent and reliable power supply is good to have, the savings factor remains the most compelling reason to invest in solar power.

Depending on your household electricity usage, you may find that your solar power system produces more electricity than you use in a month. In this case, your electricity bill could amount to zero, but only if you’re completely off the grid.

You’ll still be charged a nominal fee to remain connected to the national power grid, even if you’re not using it.

Solar Power
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What you’ll save
Whether you use a small system and install it yourself, or have a more complex system installed by technicians, your solar power system will carry an upfront installation cost. However, the ongoing maintenance costs are minimal, especially compared to the costs of fuel which you would use on an electrical generator.

What’s more, over time, you can expect a return on that initial investment. As a raw source, solar energy is incredibly effective, for example, just two 100-watt solar panels can power your TV set for 1 584 hours a year.

Sunworx offers a standard solution for homeowners. The Sunworx Bronze package is intended for grid interactive systems, which are tied to the national power grid and operate on PV solar panels connected to a home battery.

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