Robinson Aerospace Is On the Move (Literally and Figuratively)

The Robinson brothers are at it again. Continuing the legacy they started almost 14 years ago, Jeff, Joe and Mark Robinson have amped up their game in several very aggressive ways. First, the company announced Robinson Aerospace, the new parent company under which the very familiar Robinson Aircraft Interiors will now fall; remaining one of their key divisions. Simultaneous with this strategic new unveiling, the company will be moving into a brand spanking new facility on Alliance Airport in Fort Worth where it will expand its operation significantly. “Most exciting” says Jeff Robinson, the company’s president, “is the fact that we are now on an airport where our customers can fly directly into our facility. We’ve never had that” says Robinson, And not just any airport; Alliance is one of the largest and most
centrally located US airports in the country.

The new facility and the new company structure now afford the roll out of several very significant new offerings for Robinson. Perhaps most significant is the filing for an FAA 145 Repair Station License – which they expect to have by summer, simultaneous with the completion of their move. This will allow Robinson Aerospace to now become another new key player in the completion and modification of both VVIP & Head of State aircraft and Business Jets. “In addition” says Joe Robinson, “we will also offer full MRO services to our clients as well as a complete DESIGN department – giving us the full range of services we were unable to offer in our old facility”.

Robinson’s new Industry Game Changer! But perhaps most significant of all is the roll out of a new product called SOLIDSPACE; a veneer product co-developed by Robinson and Jason Crapo (Hightech Veneer). With the development of Solidspace, Robinson has now done something nobody else in the world has done. The new veneer product (actual wood veeners in almost any species) has passed 65/65 burn requirements. “To all of us in the completion space”, says Jeff Robinson, “we know how completely unprecedented this is and so for us as a company, we are extremely proud to now be able to offer it to our customers.
RobinsonBut it gets even better. The Robinson brothers claim the the new molecular based product along with the sharply enhanced production and installation process it affords, will cut the required aircraft downtime for veneer change out by 40%! “And that’s conservative” says Robinson. “In most cases we can get it down below half the time commonly required for veneer replacement.

Robinson Aircraft Interiors, operating out of their old facility in Coppell, has built quite a legacy already. But the new move to Alliance will usher in a remarkable new expansion and sharply enhanced range of services. The company will now fly under the new banner of Robinson Aerospace and will become a true turnkey interior and MRO facility, offering green interior completions, retrofits, refreshes, in-house veneer replacement, design services, MRO and more. The industry as a whole has undergone a downturn over the last year or so, but while many companies were “turtleing up”, the Robinson’s were going the other way… embarking on an aggressive new expansion and developing a truly “industry changing new veneer product.

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