Create Magic by Digitally Recording and Sharing your Hand-Written Notes and Sketches with Digital Pen from Portronics: Electropen 4

Electropen 4

New Delhi, May 2017: Make your life happy & productive with Portronics Electropen 4”, a newly launched smart digital pen which is the latest addition to its existing series of novel digital pen series. It is a connecting link between your digital and analog world.

Work Digitally
The Electropen 4 allows you to write on normal paper with normal ball-point pen refill. It is designed for allowing high quality digital and wireless writing for smart phones, computers, tablets or any other Bluetooth devices.  Write notes or to prepare a sketch using this electronic pen and convert it to the real-time JPEG images into your smart phone, computer or laptop using the receiver provided with it.

Write Now & SYNC Later
The unique feature of this digital smart pen is that it has an in-built flash memory equivalent to scan/write/sketch and store 100s of A4 size pages in one go and then sync/transfer them to the smart phone or laptop later on, eliminating the need to have a mobile device or laptop nearby when you are taking notes. Just carry the Electropen 4 with you and write/draw freely and it will keep recording it for syncing with smartphones/laptops later.

Electropen 4
Electropen 4

Record Audio as You Write
Additionally, this Bluetooth digital pen uses the microphone of the smart phone or laptop via the app that allows the users to record the high quality audio while they take notes.

Free Apps for Smartphones / Laptops
Free “MemoPlus” app on mobile devices and “Note Taker” app for Windows PC/laptop can be used along with this digital writing pen to be used for entire voice recording of the voices during a presentation or lectures and listen them again at convenient time(for MAC PC similar other app to be used). Using these apps, one can also record the entire process of preparing sketches as well and later on view it on the mobile or laptop.

Erase/Edit Digitally
Like a traditional note taking or sketching, one can also erase/edit the notes taken with or sketches made using Electropen 4.

Connect wirelessly or otherwise
Electropen 4 is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and you also have the option to connect your Electropen 4 to your Laptops / Desktops via the wired connectivity.

Light Weight & Portable
It has a high quality Li-Polymer rechargeable battery for the pen as well as for the receiver. It comes in black color and weighs around 46.5 grams only.

Pricing and Availability:
Portronics Electropen 4 is priced at a very attractive price-point of INR 6999/-. To know more about availability visit,