Decentralized News Network Unveils Alpha Demo Platform

Open test highlights commitment to transparency

EDISON, New Jersey — The Decentralized News Network, an independent, blockchain-powered news-and-information service, will unveil an alpha version of its flagship political news platform during the week of June 26.

For the first time, the news platform’s users can use DNN tokens to participate in reporting, writing, editing and publishing unique and fact-based articles about the U.S. political scene. Users will be granted a small amount of tokens when they open an account on DNN’s homepage,

“What we hope to accomplish with this alpha is to show a basic, stripped-down version of DNN with smart-contract functionality,” said DNN Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Samit Singh. “We’re holding ourselves to a higher level of transparency: many blockchain-based platforms don’t have anything to show beyond a white paper.”

DNN’s platform is built on blockchain technology, the same type of encryption software that underlays Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

For the alpha test, the DNN platform will be available for use on the Kovan Testnet, according to Dondrey Taylor, co-founder and DNN’s chief technology officer. Trial users will be required to install MetaMask before running DNN. MetaMask will enable the use of DApps, or decentralized applications, in traditional web browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

“With MetaMask installed users can purchase DNN tokens with KOVAN ETH using DNN’s faucet,” Taylor said. “The tokens will allow users to interact with the network in ways dependent on their user type.”