Apps that will help you manage the monsoon fiasco

During the monsoon season, one cannot stop himself from venturing out and enjoying the cool, wonderful weather. For all those who sit at home on a rainy day not knowing what to do, make sure this year is not all that boring. Cheer up, enjoy and fall in love with the most amazing season of the year. There are a lot many ways to make the most of a rainy day. With the rains fast spreading throughout the country, here is what all you can do to relax yourself during this monsoon season

1. UrbanClap – Awaken the artist within you

This season you can actually sit at home and unravel the artist within you. Whether its photography, music or dance, now is the time to do it. Rain has its way of inspiring you. It’s never too late to do things you love and what’s better than doing them when you’re a little relaxed and don’t have an ‘n’ number of errands to run? Through UrbanClap app, you can avail services from Guitar instructor, keyboard instructor, Zumba /Hip-hop/Bollywood/ Salsa dance teachers at your doorstep just a click away from your smartphone.

2. Zophop – On the road!! In the rain!!

Monsoon is here! Instead of getting stuck in traffic or waiting in long queues at the bus stop due to the bad weather, resort to Zophop, a mobile transit assistant. Make your everyday city commute hassle-free and convenient with this dynamic scheduling app. Zophop gives you accurate real-time information on the availability of public transport and is equipped with powerful transactional features. This is sure to give you more time to do what you enjoy the most rather than getting drenched in the rain.

3. Myles – Go for a weekend getaway with your loved one

Monsoon tends to bring out the ‘romantic’ in all of us. Going on a long drive with that one special person or even with friends or family during the rains is a great way to enjoy the monsoon season. This will turn out to be a lot of fun and would also help rebuild bonds with friends or family which we tend to miss out on during our everyday routine. Myles app offers the self-drive opportunity to its customers. Now, driving down to your favourite holiday hot-spot with your own choice of car does not seem like a task anymore. Even NRIs and tourists, who often like to drive their own cars, would be benefited through these services. Cars from Mercedes to sedan to XUV’s are just a tap away from your smartphone.

4. Timesaverz – Get home services, beauty and laundry services at your doorstep

The boom in mobile apps segment has definitely given a thrust to home services that provides home cleaning, pest control, carpenter, plumber, electrician etc. Timesaverz is in the business of getting curated home service providers for various services ranging from cleaning tasks, beauty services, laundry pickup and drop, pest control, appliances repairs and handyman jobs. Timesaverz app makes it convenient to book services directly from your mobile phone and track their status.

5. OTJ247- Get new decor ideas to brighten up your home

The arrival of monsoon is a great time to give your home the makeover that you always wanted to give. Get the help of interior designers and decorators from OTJ247 app and brighten up your home/ office space with new and refreshing decor ideas from the professionals. However, while other four apps mentioned above are available on both Android and iOS, OTJ247 is only available on Android. iOS users may soon experience the app.