Data Acquisition doesn’t have to be Rocket Science!

In today’s world, with the proliferation of sensing and network technologies, gathering data is not a luxury, it is required of engineers with efficiency being the #1 priority.

This is where the problem lies. Engineers tasked with making technical, data driven, decisions will influence the design of commercial or research applications. A huge portion of their time is wasted preparing data acquisition systems just to gather the data they need. The expectations and rapidity of product development have changed, but the software in use hasn’t.

 Getting the data is just half the battle

NINData is the input used to derive insights and drive engineering decisions.  If you think you’re spending too much time just getting to your data, you’re not alone.

In a recent NI survey of nearly 4000 engineers, 86% of respondents said the most time-consuming part of their task was spent in the preparation phase. That’s time spent finding the right tools, preparing the software needed to acquire data, setting up and documenting their system, or doing testing and calibration.

Precious little time remains to do what’s most important – analyze and gain insights from data. As engineers, we gather data for the sole purpose of gaining some sort of deeper understanding of our system – and we’re left with precious little time for that critical step in the process.

It’s time to demand more from your measurement systems

Reduce the time to first measurement and focus more of your energy on gaining insight into your data with NI DAQExpress. Now included in many NI DAQ devices and NI Package Manager, DAQExpress is interactive software that helps record, view, and explore your data. By providing instant connectivity to hardware and access to documentation and specifications for wiring validation, DAQExpress streamlines the process of configuring your hardware to allow you to get some time back to start making decisions.

NIUsing DAQExpress, you can record and explore measurement data without programming to gain insight by further investigating signals or for saving for later viewing.  Then, use one of the built-in interactive tools to apply analysis to your data to rapidly make data-driven decisions.

What you do with that data, the insight and decisions you make as a result, should be where you invest most of your engineering time. With DAQExpress, change how you spend your time from preparation to decision making with simplified hardware configuration and interactive data exploration and analysis.

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