RoomMe Gives Your Home the Sixth Sense With Its Smart Sensor For Connected Homes

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – JULY, 2017 – Intellithings, the smart home solutions company, is launching RoomMe, the Smart Home solution, that identifies and adjusts everything in your smart home to your specific likings, no manual control required. Through smartphone synchronization, RoomMe creates the perfect ambiance from light to mood to temperature and even security control, all by way of sensors.

Too many times instead of hearing what you ask for, Virtual Personal Assistants give you what they think you ask for. What if they could simply sense when you are in the room and give you exactly what you want, without waving your arms or screaming into a device. Once you apply the settings on your RoomMe app, the RoomMe device senses your smartphone in the room and begins directing the entire house to follow your lead.

With RoomMe, you call the shots:

  • Some Like It Hot: You like it HOT, your husband prefers it cool. When you are in the room alone, the thermostat knows to dial it up to hot. When your husband is in the room alone, the thermostat lowers to a cool set temperature. Together? Whoever has priority wins, or you compromise and have RoomMe set a win-win temperature for you both.


  • Turn Down the Lights: The lights turn on or off according to your preferences, once you enter the room and won’t mistake your spouse for the family dog.


  • Privacy Please: Most homeowners with cameras inside and around their home don’t want to watch their family, but the nanny or babysitter. Each time you enter the room, your camera stops recording, ensuring that your privacy remains at high priority. Want to keep an eye on the nanny? Program the RoomMe app to recognize him/her in the room and any time they enter, the cameras start rolling.

    RoomMe not only automates your whole home but prioritizes each user without the added worry of using the cloud or the internet to do so. With the RoomMe application pre-programmed, you have the ability to live a hands-free, vocal-free existence, giving you time to focus on the more important things in life, like friends and family in your own personalized and secure home.