5 benefits DAQ can do to improve your efficiency

Data Acquisition (DAQ) helps you to measure real world physical conditions (such as temperature pressure, force, electrical signal, or current), and then we convert these analog signals into digital signals with an Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) system. Finally, you have a computer hook up with the software, analyze the signal to solve the problems that you are working on.
DAQ+systemWhat does the DAQ unit do internally?

I will be referencing DAQ capabilities based on Keysight’s 34970/72A DAQ/data logger. First of all, it uses sensors or we sometimes called transducers, to transform these physical parameters into analog electrical signals such as AC/DC volts, AC/DC currents and so on.

In the subsequent step, the DAQ has built-in circuitries to perform signal conditioning i.e. to reduce noise and make them easier to measure, to boost weaker signals to make them more immune to noise, to filter out unwanted noise, to attenuate, to average or to compensation.

These conditioned signals are then read via DMM or digitized and data logged and saved into memory for further post analysis.

So, what are the 5 benefits DAQ can offer you to make your job easier?

1) Solves your problems faster (using BenchVue software)

  • Quicker setup – using BenchVue graphical user interface, you can setup and control the instrument fast.
  • Accurate measurements – with the built-in 6 ½ digit DMM

2) Easy documentation (using BenchVue software)

  • data export capability to Matlab, Excel, Word or .csv file

3) Flexibility

  • DAQ provides built-in signal conditioning for many temperature sensors so that you can focus on selecting the right sensor for the job and no worry about the complexity of the setup
  • Besides temperature measurements, the DAQ is capable to measure other signals such as AC/DC Voltage and Current, 2/4 wire Resistance, Frequency/Period of signals and with transducers, it can measure pressure, strain, humidity, more.

4) Cost

  • Capable of measuring up to 40 channels per module, saving the need to buy many instruments (using 34908A multiplexer module)
  • Capable of measuring scan speed up to 250 scans/s, meeting most demanding performance measurements at reasonable cost ((using 34902A multiplexer module)

5) Many options and accessories

  • Modules with 2/4-wires RTD temperature and resistance options
  • Switch modules
  • Thermistor / Thermocouple kits
  • ANSI Z540 calibration

For more information that you require on DAQ product, please refer to our general-purpose bench 34970/72A DAQ / Data Logging Unit on our website: