List of Leading Printed Electronics Companies

We are moving toward the era of smart labels which will show you the temperature of your coffee; your windows glasses will let you know the weather forecast of the day on the basis of weather condition outside. Printed Electronics is the new edge of printing which allows you to print electronics circuits, printing of resistors, condensers, spools, transistors, and all electronic components in conventional circuits, on widely differing substrates, like cloth or plastic.

According to a press published on, the market for printed and flexible electronics is set to reach over $73 billion by 2025. As the Internet of Things is expanding and requires low-cost, light weight technology that can sense and store information securely and transmit data. All IoT devices require printed memory, sensors and communication devices which will play a leading role in IoT market that is expected to reach $7.1 trillion by 2020.

List of Printed Electronics Companies

Sr. N Company Name Location Products
1 Blue Spark Technologies Westlake, USA Flexible and Wearable Electronics
2 Park Palo Alto, USA Printed Electronics R&D Services
3 Be Bop Sensors Berkeley, USA Flexible Pressure Sensor
4 Kovio San Jose, USA Printed Silicon Electronics Platform
5 Nova Centrix Austin, USA Printed Electronics Applications
6 Xenon Corp. Wilmington, USA Pulsed Light systems
7 Eastprint Incorporated North Andover, USA Printed Electronics and User Interface
8 Ceradrop Limoges, France 3D Printers for Printed Electronics
9 Adphos Brookfield, USA Printed Electronics
10 ID Labels Singapore Smart Labels
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