New 1700 V SCALE-iDriver gate driver IC targets applications from 480-690 VAC

SCALE-iDriver galvanically isolated single-channel gate driver ICs now support IGBT blocking voltages up to 1700 V, which are typically used in 480 to 690 VAC line applications. They are ideal for industrial drives, 3-level power supplies/UPS and photovoltaic inverters, commercial EV and traction auxiliary equipment. 1700 V SCALE-iDriver ICs deliver a gate current of up to 8 A to support systems of up to 110 kW without an external booster, and up to 30 A gate current for over 400 kW with an external booster stage.

1700 V SCALE-iDriver ICs, are optimized for driving both IGBTs and MOSFETs and combine Power Integrations’ pioneering FluxLink magneto-inductive bi-directional communications technology with SCALE power device driver technology. The new device family also makes use of the innovative eSOP package which provides greater than 9.5 mm of creepage and a CTI of 600 for high breakdown protection and increased system reliability.

1700 V SCALE-iDriver ICs meet the upcoming IEC 60747-17 and VDE 0884-17 standards. Devices feature desaturation (short-circuit) protection with Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) functionality, providing reliable and easy-to-implement protection to the power switch.

1700 V SCALE-iDriver Applications:

  • Industrial
  • Motor Drive/Control
  • Solar
  • Traction

1700 V SCALE-iDriver Key Features:

Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint

  • Split outputs providing up to 8 A peak drive current
  • Integrated FluxLink technology providing safe isolation between primary-side and secondary-side
  • Rail-to-rail stabilized output voltage
  • Unipolar supply voltage for secondary-side
  • Suitable for 1700 V IGBT and MOSFET switches
  • Up to 75 kHz switching frequency
  • Low propagation delay time 260 ns
  • Propagation delay jitter ±5 ns
  • -40 °C to 125 °C operating ambient temperature
  • High common-mode transient immunity
  • eSOP package with 9.5 mm clearance and creepage

Advanced Protection / Safety Features:

  • Undervoltage lock-out protection for primary and secondary-side (UVLO) and fault feedback
  • Short-circuit protection using VCESAT monitoring and fault feedback diodes or resistor chain
  • Advanced soft shut down (ASSD)

Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • 100% production partial discharge test
  • 100% production HIPOT compliance testing at 6 kV RMS 1 s
  • Basic insulation meets VDE 0884-10

Green Package

  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant

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