Fiscal Year 2017: Retarus continues on the road to success

Global Delivery Network powers double digit growth in turnover

The total turnover achieved by the Retarus Group rose to 43.6 million Euros for the fiscal year (FY) 2017, which concluded on May 31st, 2017. This represents a growth in turnover of 16.8 percent.The positive performance of the business is due in part to the success on the market of the innovative new technology “Patient Zero Detection”, which was launched by Retarus in January of this year. The successful business with large corporations and the consistent expansion of the company’s international business units were also strong drivers for growth.

In the US alone, turnover rose by 43.5 percent compared with the previous business year.This strong growth played a significant part in necessitating the expansion of the Secaucus/New Jersey and Boston offices and the opening of a new site in Atlanta. During the coming fiscal year a new data center is planned to be brought into operation in Secaucus. In the APAC region, the group has continued to strengthen its position on the market.The acquisition of several flagship customers boosted turnover for FY 2017 by 69.2 percent in the region. In Europe, Retarus built on the successes of previous years by growing its business with large corporations and significantly developing its business with existing customers, enabling the company to achieve an above-average increase of ten percent in turnover. According to a study by the European IT Observatory (EITO), by way of contrast, turnover in the global ITC sector rose by only 2.1 percent.

Increased security requirements and digital transformation drive growth

Over the past fiscal year, Retarus took note of an increased demand for innovative email security solutions, resulting from the ever more sophisticated methods of attack employed by cyber criminals.This led directly to Retarus recording its most successful product launch in the history of the company with the introduction of Patient Zero Detection. The company’s power to innovate was further underlined by theManaged Capture Services. The services offer companies valuable support with the digitalization of critical business processes.

Global Delivery Network facilitates future-proof information logistics

As information logistics specialists with sites in eleven countries, Retarus has been following a successful international growth strategy for many years.In the meanwhile, Retarus’Global Delivery Network has grown to comprise six data centers located in Europe (EU and Switzerland), the US and the APAC region, all operated by the company itself, as well as a network infrastructure which branches out across the globe. At the same time, local carrier connections are dimensioned to ensure that even at peak loads they scale to meet requirements. Data is always processed in accordance with the locally applicable data protection regulations and sector-specific requirements. This means that companies can effortlessly comply with the stringent requirements posed by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), for instance, which companies all across Europe will be obliged to fulfill from May 25th, 2018.

“These positive business results underline the success of the Retarus team and the trust that our customers have shown in us. Over the past fiscal year we have intensified our impact on the global market through our innovative capabilities,”comments Johannes Hecker, Chief Operating Officer at the Retarus Group. “With our communication platform, the Retarus Global Delivery Network, we flexibly meet the requirements of individual companies or sectors, stand by them as they tackle megatrends such as digital transformation, and support companies in implementing the stringent security requirements associated with their global cloud strategies.”

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