World’s First USB Type C Linear Power Supply for Computer Audio Source

MusicLinear product Picture

Bravo Linear Tech Limited announced today the launch of the world’s first linear power supply for USB Type C audio power product named MusicLinear on Indiegogo (*), providing unparalleled high fidelity (Hi-Fi) to audiophiles.

USB Type C is a standard that is changing the way PC and mobile devices are used, the standard includes specifications that cover both how power and data are delivered among these computing and communication devices, and are being adopted by most major PC, Notebook PC and mobile devices companies. Bravolinear Tech Ltd. with its audiophile product expertise has been quick to offer MusicLinear, clean and extremely low noise power which are sought after by computer audio source (CAS) consumers, leveraging the versatile USB Type C Power Delivery specification.

MusicLinear in Computer Audio setup
Figure: MusicLinear in Computer Audio setup

Blending of New technology and brilliant design

According to Alex Yeung, CEO of BravoLinear Tech Limited, “We are excited about launching our MusicLinear line of Linear Power Supply, which combine the vast flexibility offered by USB Type C standard and our audiophile product expertise. We are delighted with the collaboration with ON Semiconductor’s operations in Hong Kong, which offered responsive expertise support and industrial top class power solutions that our customers require.

Music linear connection diagram
Figure: Music linear connection diagram

Such collaborative effort enabled us to achieve MusicLinear’s design smoothly, offering low noise power to Notebook PC, we are able to be launch it from conceptualization to factory built pre-production samples in less than 6 months time.

Powering high-fidelity audio products

M.K. Mak, Regional Vice President of Distribution, Sales and Marketing Operations of ON Semiconductor said: “ON Semiconductor has taken transformative steps to offer power solutions across the whole voltage spectrum, which include the recent acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor. Driving innovation in energy efficient electronics, we are delighted to provide ON Semiconductor power solutions to support BravoLinear’s development of the world’s first audio power product that marries linear power supply with USB Type C power delivery for audiophiles.

“It is also rewarding to see through the time to market support for BravoLinear in the Hong Kong Science Park where we are present, which is renowned for promoting technological interaction and innovation at all levels.”