Murata Introduces World’s Smallest Encoder Switch: micro ES

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has successfully developed an ultra-small rotary encoder with switch, the micro ES, which is now the world’s smallest encoder switch.

This product is primarily intended for smart watches, Bluetooth supporting headsets, and smart glasses.

Samples are now  available, with mass production scheduled to start in December.

Wearable devices require a user interface that is small but has excellent operability. The micro ES was developed as an encoder switch that meets these requirements. Precision process technology and module development were used to integrate an incremental type rotary encoder switch with a tact switch, resulting in ultra-small size (3.4✕3.2✕2.3mm, excluding projections) with click sensation, 2-phase pulse output, and a push switch function.

Part Number:SVM3A012A0A00R00
[Rotary encoder]
Output mode: 2 outputs – A phase and B phase
Output count: 6 pulses/360 degrees, per 1 phase
Phase difference: 15 degrees ±10 degrees
Click count: 12 clicks/360 degrees
[Tact switch]
Operating force: 1.6±0.5N

Part Number  Encoder Output Operating life Operating life Operating temperature
(Encoder) (switch) (deg.C)
SVM3A012A0A00R00  Signal A, Signal B 100k cycles 100k cycles -30~+85℃
Phase difference output


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