Introduction of Small 0603 (1608 metric) Size Metal Alloy Inductors With Reduced DC Resistance


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced the DFE18SBN_E0 series of Metal Alloy inductors for the power supplies of mobile devices such as smartphones. This series offers the world’s smallest Metal Alloy power inductor, having lower Rdc(DC resistance)  than former products. This product entered mass production in April of 2017.


As mobile devices continue to implement higher density and greater performance, the market requires a small-sized power inductor that can support a large current. For this reason, Murata has made unique improvements to the metal magnetic material, thereby reducing the Rdc in comparison to the former DFE18SA series, while maintaining DC superimposition characteristics. (The DFE18SA series has Isat(Isat: Rated current based on change in inductance)  =2.0A, Rdc=144mΩ@1uH, while the new DFE18SBN_E0 series has Isat=2.3A, Rdc=120mΩ@1uH.)

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DFE18SBN_E0 series See the series lineup here

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