Noon Home, Inc. Brings Professional-Quality Layered Lighting Directly to Consumers

The Noon Smart Lighting System is available today at major US retailers and online

Noon Home, Inc., a company dedicated to improving our daily experience by looking at how we interact with our home, today launches the company and its first product. The Noon Smart Lighting System improves the experience in the home by coordinating existing lights to bring professional-quality layered lighting directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost.

“We chose lighting because it has such a big impact on our day-to-day lives. Light can significantly change the way our homes look and how we feel,” said Erik Charlton, CEO of Noon Home, Inc. “Even basic lighting has been too confusing for too long. Think about standing in that lighting aisle full of light bulbs and dimmers. It is overwhelming to figure out what is the right product. To make matters even worse, professional, layered light is even more confusing, unnecessarily expensive and only available from certified professionals. At Noon, we’re going to change that.”

Noon Home - Mobile App
Noon Home – Mobile App

Noon brings homeowners the ability to change the way a room looks and create a specific mood with a single touch. Noon intelligently blends ambient, task and accent lights to layer light simply and affordably. Layered light is a type of lighting design that uniquely blends light to improve the way a room looks and how people feel in that room. Just replace your current switches with Noon.

“Using the best available technology, we were able to remove the complexity. Now consumers get a beautifully simple product that intelligently tunes itself to work with a homeowner’s existing bulbs and fixtures,” says Charlton.

The Noon Smart Lighting System
The Noon Smart Lighting System is powered by its Room Director switch and companion Extension Switches, which communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Noon Smart Lighting System - Room Director Swipe Capability
Noon Smart Lighting System – Room Director Swipe Capability

One-Touch Control
Once installed, all of a room’s lights can be adjusted with one-touch, from the Room Director’s glass touch-screen OLED display.

Noon Smart Lighting System - Room Director
Noon Smart Lighting System – Room Director

A Lighting Designer. Built in.
With Noon, there is no need to hire a lighting designer. Noon automatically creates three unique scenes – Relax, Everyday and Bright, by analyzing information about each bulb, fixture and room type. Customers can also create custom scenes to fit how they use their rooms, like Cooking, Entertaining or Movie Time. These scenes can then be selected right at the switch or controlled via the Noon App from anywhere.

Smart Features
Noon’s smart features include Night Light, which turns on ultra-low light when you walk by the Room Director, and Vacation Mode, which “plays back” learned patterns to mimic the homeowners actual behaviors. Noon also supports voice activation with Amazon Alexa.

Exclusive Bulb Discovery Technology
Noon’s patented bulb discovery technology reads electrical currents and uses advanced algorithms to identify bulb type. Noon is the only lighting system to automatically detect bulb type, creating compatibility with virtually any residential bulb: dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs, incandescent, LED, CFL and fluorescent, as well as ELV (electronic low voltage) and MLV (magnetic low voltage) fixtures. Noon combines bulb type with the fixture and room type to automatically create customized layered light scenes and minimizes low-level popping, flickering and buzzing.

“Our goal is to deliver an experience that is exponentially better than that what consumers have today,” says Charlton.

Availability & Pricing
Noon Home products are now available at Best Buy, Home Depot and at This fall Noon will also be available at B8TA locations. The Noon Smart Lighting Starter Kit, which includes one Room Director switch, two Extension Switches and three Noon Wall Plates, retails for $399.99. The Noon Room Director switch and Extension Switch are also sold separately for $199.99 and $99.99, respectively.

Professional Installation Option
Noon was designed for a great DIY experience, but if anyone is not comfortable with high-voltage wiring, Noon-trained pros are available nationwide. Noon has partnered with InstallerNet to provide professional installation, which can be scheduled at Professional install starts at $149.99 for up to three switches and $20 for each additional switch. For a limited time, Noon is offering professional installation for $49.99 ($100 savings).

Company Info
Noon was co-founded by Annie Cheung and Will Lark and is led by CEO Erik Charlton. Its investors include Lux Capital, Shasta Ventures and Sway Ventures.