World’s First Textile Sensor Infused Running Shoes Available for Pre-Order

Sensoria unveils IoT-enabled Smart Running Shoes on CNBC Adventure Capitalists and is offering 50% off for pre-order customers during the holidays

Sensoria, Inc, the world leader in truly wearable technology, announces its newest product: the Sensoria Smart Running Shoe. The smart running shoes feature embedded textile pressure sensors at the plantar area of the foot and leverage a new and innovative microelectronic component, Sensoria Core, which has been designed from the ground up to be connected to sensor infused footwear.

For a limited time before the holidays, Sensoria Smart Running Shoes are available for pre-order for $99, more than 50% off MSRP, to celebrate the launch of the new groundbreaking product. The Sensoria Smart Running Shoe is available in yellow, black, red or blue, and will retail for $199.00 once the pre-order holiday promotion ends. This price includes the new Sensoria Core, a dedicated USB charger and a pair of textile pressure infused smart running shoes.

Sensoria Smart Running Shoes are the must-have product for distance runners. The new shoes provide runners with detailed visual and auditory real-time biometric feedback. The included artificial intelligence powered coach, Mara, will talk to users and detect crucial core metrics including cadence, foot landing and impact forces exerted by the runner to teach users how to become a better and more efficient runner while helping to reduce the risk of injuries.

According to recent research data, 65% of runners get injured every year, and the average runner gets injured every 100 hours. According to Harvard Professor Daniel Lieberman, running incorrectly generates impact forces similar to getting hit by a sledgehammer under the foot, a thousand times a mile.

The reusable Sensoria Core is the size of a quarter, weighs less than 7 grams, provides 24+ hours of constant use battery life, and snaps effortlessly into the Sensoria Smart Running Shoes. Sensoria Core fits into its dock at the back panel of the Sensoria Smart Running Shoes. The shoes also come with three infused textile pressure sensors in the plantar area of the foot.

As a user runs, the pressure sensor-enabled Sensoria Smart Running Shoes combined with the Sensoria Core provide key metrics. The small Sensoria Core hardware features an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. When combined with the textile pressure sensors in the smart shoes, users are able to precisely measure and track cadence, foot landing technique, contact time on ground, and impact forces in addition to pace, distance, time and calories burned. The device connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Sensoria Run v2.0 mobile app, which is available for free on The Apple App Store. The artificial intelligence powered Sensoria web dashboard makes it easy to compare each runner’s performance metrics against previous bests.

“While products like Fitbit count your steps, the most important metrics in a run are your pace, cadence, foot landing and the impact that you generate each time you hit the ground. You want to protect your engine: your legs, knees and feet. With the new Sensoria Smart Running Shoes, you’ll get valuable and accurate biometrics to help you improve with each consecutive run as well as run longer and healthier,” states Sensoria CEO and Co-Founder, Davide Vigano.

The full Sensoria Running System, including the Sensoria smart t-shirt and sports bra and the new smart running shoes were featured in season two of CNBC’s Adventure Capitalist, which aired on October 31, 2017.

Sensoria, Inc. has been innovating and creating award winning smart apparel and footwear since 2014. Most recently, the new Sensoria Core and smart socks were hand selected as the Editor’s Pick Award winner for Runner’s World by Jeff Dengate.

The Sensoria Core device has a long lifespan, and can be transferred to users’ Sensoria Smart Running Shoes when purchasing a new pair. The Sensoria Core can also be swapped into a pair of Sensoria Sock 2.0 which are currently available through the Sensoria SDK.

All Sensoria Smart Running Shoes pre-orders will be delivered to customers by first quarter in 2018.