Flexera’s New Software Monetization Release Focuses on Customer Growth, Driving Speed and Agility for Suppliers Moving to SaaS and Subscription

Software Adoption, Renewals and Consumption Insight Enables Software, SaaS and IoT Growth

Flexera, the company that’s reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, today unveiled a new Software Monetization module empowering software suppliers to strategically grow their software business.  FlexNet Customer Growth helps software suppliers truly assess if their customers are getting value from their products and forecast renewals more accurately – all in a personalized, graphical dashboard.

Per Gartner’s Disruption in Software Business Models Creates New Opportunities for Monetization report, “Technology strategic planners will find next-generation software monetization is not about protection, limited to IP licensing, but about growth from enabling new models with repeatable revenue streams.”

Flexera’s Software Monetization platform is alone in delivering on this new, strategic vision.  “Today’s software suppliers constantly have to stay close to customers, and really understand how much value they’re getting from their software.  Otherwise they won’t know about upsell opportunities or they’ll react too late when subscription renewals are at risk,” said Matthew Dunkley, Strategy and Product Management Director at Flexera.  “Having immediate access to customer health, consumption and renewal data empowers suppliers to grow their software or IoT business more strategically.”

FlexNet Customer Growth delivers analyses based on accurate entitlement and consumption data – using a single, centralized customer view for all software products.  With the click of a button, suppliers can identify customers that are getting full value from their software.  It also provides insight into customers that might need support because they’re not using the software they purchased as extensively as the supplier would hope.

Realizing a Successful Subscription Business

A thriving subscription business relies on high adoption and renewal rates.  The insight provided by FlexNet Customer Growth enables account managers, renewal managers and customer success teams to engage with their customers at the right time – and in the right way.  “Quite simply, suppliers don’t have to guess anymore when it comes to whether and how customers are using their software,” continued Matthew Dunkley.  “They can use dynamic data and trendlines to paint a crystal-clear picture for the health of their software and renewals business.”

Driving the Move to SaaS

Flexera’s enhanced functionality also makes it easier for software suppliers and IoT companies to transition to SaaS without disrupting their existing software business.  “Most software suppliers have different offerings, using diverse deployment and monetization models to fulfill customer needs,” continued Dunkley.  “But, by operating different products in silos, suppliers put their business at risk.  To be successful they will need a central customer overview – for all products a customer is using.”

Flexera’s Software Monetization platform enables suppliers to manage their SaaS, on-premises and embedded applications in one central monetization back-office.  SaaS suppliers can make it easy for their customers to manage users, use rights and access to premium features directly in a SaaS app — providing an instant in-app-experience.

“Flexera’s approach provides a single source of truth that supports the new and more strategic role of Software Monetization,” added Matthew Dunkley.  “It empowers software suppliers to deepen the customer relationship, drive recurring revenue and grow their software business based on valuable data and insight.”

Gartner, “Disruption in Software Business Models Creates New Opportunities for Monetization,” Laurie F. Wurster, Robert P. Anderson, 17 February 2017.

Monetize What Matters:

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