Anritsu Expanded WLAN Measurements under Realistic Operation Conditions RF Quality Tests with Security On using Network Mode on WLAN Tester MT8862A.

Anritsu Corporation starts sales of its WLAN Security Function MX886200A-020 software for MT8862A, supporting evaluations of devices with built-in WLAN functions for the rapidly growing IoT market using the Network Mode even when WLAN security is on.

The Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A uses the Network Mode measurement function to execute tests while the WLAN device is actually operating; adding this new security function supports evaluation while the WLAN device built-in WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, etc., security is on.

With the future spread of IoT devices using built-in WLAN incorporating security functions, more devices are expected to be operated while security is on, and Anritsu hopes this new option for the MT8862A will help further improve the quality of WLAN devices.

Development Background

WLAN are appearing rapidly not only in mobile devices such as smartphones, but also in many other applications, including home electronics like TVs and cleaners, the connected car, industrial equipment, sensors, and more because of expanding IoT.

Makers of these equipment are receiving increasing end-user enquiries about wireless reception range and sensitivity, etc., and are expected to see increasing need for actual  operating conditions testing as well as for WLAN measuring instruments.

To ensure WLAN security, many devices have functions for switching security settings on and off, but the need for data security is becoming increasingly important as applications diversify. Consequently, many WLAN devices are expected to operate under actual operating conditions with security functions set to on and many commercial models with WLAN functions will probably eliminate the ability to disable security settings.

Under these circumstances, in addition to supporting previous WLAN evaluation with security off, installing the WLAN Security Function MX886200A-020 software in the MT8862A now supports WLAN evaluations in the Network Mode under actual operating conditions with security set to on.

Product Outline

The MT8862A is a WLAN measuring instrument supporting IEEE802.11ac/n/g/b/a. It uses built-in communications protocols and performs tests of WLAN device RF TRx characteristics (Tx power, modulation accuracy, Rx sensitivity, etc.)in the Network Mode.

Key Features

  • Measurement with Security On
    Installing the WLAN Security Function MX886200A-020 in the MT8862A supports evaluation of WLAN devices while security functions are on, allowing WLAN device makers to evaluate their products under near-to-end-user usage conditions.
  • Supports Firmware and License Installation from Web Browser
    This security function option is used by performing MT8862A firmware updates and option license installation from a web browser, eliminating the need for factory upgrades.

Target Markets and Applications

  • Target Markets: Vendors of smart home appliances, automobiles, gateways, etc, with built-in WLAN functions
  • Target Applications: Testing of RF TRx characteristics of devices with built-in WLAN functions