Neonode zForce AIR Touch Sensors Available Globally from Digi-Key

zForce AIR Touch Sensors

Neonode Inc.‘s zForce AIR Touch Sensors are available for immediate shipment worldwide through Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, thanks to a new distribution agreement. The zForce AIR Touch Sensor provides a number of advantages over traditional touch technologies such as resistive, capacitive and camera-based solutions.

zForce AIR Touch Sensors enable touch interaction on any type of display or surface of any shape, making it easy to add interactivity and differentiation to products with or without displays. zForce AIR Touch Sensor is a laser light based touch sensor that can be integrated and used in various applications. The sensor characteristics are high scanning frequency, low latency and good touch accuracy without the need for calibration. Touch functionality is provided without any glass or plastic film overlay. The result is a 100% optical transparency with consistent display image quality and no disturbing glare.

“Neonode is happy to have signed a deal with Digi-Key as our first global distributor for zForce AIR Touch Sensors,” said Thomas Ericsson, CEO at Neonode. “Digi-Key’s global footprint, excellent service, and reach in the broad market is a perfect fit for Neonode’s expansion from our traditional strongholds in printers, e-readers and automotive into a wide variety of new business segments. Together we will be able to service the global engineering community with technology that opens up exciting possibilities for interaction on any display or surface.”

AIR Touch Sensors are ideal for integration in a wide range of applications, such as: PCs/Tablets, TVs/Monitors, Printers, Mechanical key replacement, White goods, Smart furniture, Interactive mirrors, Elevator panels, eReaders, Instruments, Vending Machines, ATM/POS terminals, Robotics, Range finders, Collision detectors and much more.

“We’re excited to partner with Neonode. Their zForce Air Touch Sensor allows our customers to add Multi-Touch Support to surfaces and materials that wouldn’t be possible with other touch sensing technologies,” said David Stein, VP, Global Semiconductor at Digi-Key. “Digi-Key’s mission is to provide our customers with the latest technologies to push the limits of their next design. Partnering with Neonode exemplifies that goal.”

For more information about Neonode’s zForce AIR Touch Sensors and to view their entire product listing, visit their Supplier Center page on the Digi-Key website.