Cinch Connectivity Solutions Introduces the New Line of 40GHz Ultraflex Cable

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company, announces the release of the high performance Semflex, HP160 ULTRAFLEX stranded centerconductor, polyurethane jacket, 40 GHz cable.

Cinch Connectivity’s Semflex line is a leader in low loss and ultra-low loss microwave cabletechnology and has served the RF & Microwave markets with bulk cable and cable assembliesfor over 40 years.

centerconductor, polyurethane jacket, 40 GHz cable

Developed from Semflex’s most popular series of HP cable, HP160ULTRAFLEX was designed with extruded PTFE dielectric and polyurethane jacket to achievehigh flexibility. This allows the cable to be suitable for applications where high flexibilityperformance is important, like in production and test lab applications. HP160 ULTRAFLEX has a40GHz operating frequency range and is suitable for a variety of 5G test applications.

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