TowerJazz Broadens Green Initiatives in its Specialty Analog Foundry Business by Increasing Renewable Energy Sources

 TowerJazz,the global specialty foundry leader, announced its increased presence into renewable energy and green initiatives for its specialty IC analog foundry business with a roadmap of several initiatives for infrastructure improvement, furthering its activities in becoming a more eco-friendly and green company. TowerJazz has invested in several key projects in company fabrication sites which enable improvement in water and electricity usage.

TowerJazz has finalized an agreement to install solar panels in areas comprising nearly 100,000 square feet. The yearly production of renewal green energy is estimated to be 1700MWh which equals 4.5 days of the facility’s consumption and a year’s consumption of about 100 private residences. Construction is set to begin in January 2018 and to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

In addition to the solar project, several global initiatives have resulted in electricity savings of 18,000 MWh/year. Projects included: installing smart devices that regulate power consumption, upgrading chillers which are used to control temperature (important in the production of semiconductor devices), replacing the cooling tower, and replacing neon light bulbs with LED bulbs to reduce electricity consumption. The total electricity savings per year is equivalent to annual electricity consumption of about 1600 private households or 16 million pounds of coal burned.

TowerJazz has also implemented creative recycling projects leading to overall water consumption reduction. A total of 74,500 m3/year were reduced, which is equal to the annual water consumption of a town with a population of 2,100 people.

“We are very pleased with all of the results we are seeing from our initiatives to strengthen our “green” focus as an environmentally friendly company. We continue to perform ongoing efforts in all of our operations to reduce environmental impact and implement forward-thinking policies for environmental concerns,” said Rafi Mor, Chief Operating Officer.

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