Semcon Involved in New Smart Factory Partnership

It is now clear that technology company Semcon will be embarking upon a new partnership with Kuka Nordic in the field of smart factories. As the system provider, the company will be working together with Kuka to develop the offering for Industry 4.0 on the Nordic market.

Semcon will be working with equipment from Kuka Robotics to help companies create automated smart factories. Industry 4.0 aims to achieve an automated, online manufacturing process which may reduce turnaround times and failure rates, while also creating more customised products.

“Kuka Nordic is one of our exciting partners for Industry 4.0, and they have extensive experience of automation solutions. Together with our mix of areas of expertise with regard to smart factories, we have everything we need to ensure a successful partnership,” says Markus Granlund, CEO of Semcon.

Kuka Nordic specialises in robotics and automation technology and is part of a global group with a turnover of around EUR 3 billion. The group currently employs more than 13,000 staff who work with intelligent automation solutions all over the world.

“Semcon is in possession of extensive and in-depth expertise when it comes to production technology, automation, simulation, connectivity and cloud services. They are also very knowledgeable as regards special machinery and robot solutions. This combination will allow us to take smart factories to the next level,” says Joacim Lorentsson, sales manager at Kuka Nordic.