Maxim Collaborates with NVIDIA on Autonomous Driving and Safety Applications

Maxim’s next-generation 6Gbps GMSL SerDes technologysupportsDRIVE Pegasus, the industry’s first Level 5 platform for autonomous vehicles

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM), a leader in high-performance analog integration, has collaborated with NVIDIAto support the industry’s firstLevel 5 full-autonomy system,the NVIDIA DRIVEPegasusplatform, as well as NVIDIA DRIVE Xavierfor Level 4 driving.

Maxim’s Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) solutions andhigh-performance analog integration,which include next-generation gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializer and deserializer (SerDes) technology, as well as a power system monitoring solution,provide the flexible foundation necessary to meet functional safety requirements for NVIDIA’s autonomous driving platform.

To address consumer concerns about driver safety in autonomous vehicles, automakers have increased their focus on safety requirements for ADAS applications. Safety-critical systems, whichrequire redundancy and fault diagnostics, have stringent ASIL requirements. These ADAS systems need interconnecttechnology that enables the data rich environment for the car of the future.Maxim’s ASIL rated voltage/power monitoringand SerDes technology will be used by NVIDIAtoachieve the industry’s first Level 5 autonomous driving system needed to make self-driving cars a reality.

Maxim’s next-generation6Gbps GMSL SerDes technology supports the high data rate, complex interconnect, and data integrity requirements offuture automotive infotainment,ADAS, and autonomous driving.This technology also providesthe safety relevant featuresandflexibility needed to build autonomous driving systems such as theDRIVEPegasusand DRIVEXavierplatforms.As part of the high-performance analog integrations, Maxim also supplies low IQ automotive-grade power management solutions.


  • “Maxim’snew generation of GMSL SerDes technology,analog integration capability, and strong commitment to the automotive market isthe right combination to drive NVIDIA’s supercomputer platform to the finish line,” said Randall Wollschlager, Vice President of Automotive at Maxim Integrated.
  • “The NVIDIA DRIVE AI platform, which is scalable from Super Level 2 to the fully autonomous capabilities of Level 5, requires high bandwidth camera data transmission and aggregation,” said Gary Hicok, Senior Vice President of Hardware Development at NVIDIA. “Working with Maxim’s safety solutions, NVIDIA is delivering the highest functional safety standards that the industry demands.”Learn more at