Siemens intelligent logic modules now controllable via easy-to-use web editor now at RS Components

LOGO! web editor enables simple control over logic modules via PC, tablet or smartphone – RS now working with Siemens to ease transition to LOGO! 8 controllers for industrial automation applications

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc , the global distributor for engineers, has announced the latest generation of LOGO! 8 logic control modules for industrial applications are now easily controllable via the new LOGO! web editor from Siemens.

The LOGO! web editor has been designed to enable the control of individual LOGO! 8 logic modules. The new tool makes it very easy for users to define and design their own web pages from a PC, smartphone or tablet. For example, users can visualise and control their LOGO! 8 switching and automation solutions for building installations, control cabinet, machine or apparatus construction individually and easily via the web. Users can even use a real photo of an individual automation object and complement it with self-defined visual sensor data or switching elements, and then use a computer or personal smart device to monitor and/or switch their heating or an alarm system.

The web editor has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use with no requirement for additional knowledge of HTML, for example. Enabling a quick start, simple operating and display elements are already included in the library supplied, and additional elements can be easily created and added to the library.

Designed to be the ideal entry point to the world of automation, the LOGO! 8 range features eight basic CPU modules that deliver Ethernet connectivity and improved hardware with space-saving displays and user-friendly software. In addition to offering the full selection of LOGO! 8 logic controllers, RS is working closely with Siemens to enable a smooth transition for customers to migrate to the latest series. RS has already put in place a global marketing programme to inform customers about the upgrade and the choices available for future designs.

Offering simple installation, minimum wiring and user-friendly programming, engineers can easily implement small automation projects using the LOGO! 8 intelligent logic modules. Implementation of LOGO! system modules enables significant space saving in control cabinets, and the easy implementation of functions such as time-delay switching, time relays, counters and other auxiliary relay functions.

The Siemens LOGO! 8 intelligent logic modules with web editor capability are now shipping from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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