Texas Instruments Low-Power ADS112U04 ADC for Small Industrial Sensor Controllers

Mouser Electronics, is now stocking the ADS112U04 low-power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from Texas Instruments (TI). With current consumption as low as 315 µA and programmable data rates up to 2 kilosamples per second (kSPS), the ADS112U04 integrates many features to reduce system cost and component count in industrial applications that measure small sensor signals, such as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, thermistors, and resistive bridge sensors.

The TI ADS112U04 ADC, available from Mouser Electronics, is a four-channel, 16‑bit, delta-sigma ADC with a low-noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA) in a small 16-pin, 5.0 mm × 4.4 mm package. The ADS112U04 offers four analog inputs through a flexible input multiplexer that accepts either two differential or four single-ended input measurements. The integrated low-noise PGA provides gain settings from 1 to 128, and the digital filter offers simultaneous 50-Hz and 60-Hz rejection at 20 SPS for noisy industrial applications.

The ADS112U04 integrates a highly linear internal temperature sensor with a typical accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius, as well as two matched programmable current sources (IDACs) for sensor excitation. The device communicates digital data over a two-wire UART-compatible interface, which minimizes the number of digital isolation channels and saves cost, board space, and power. The ADS112U04 operates over an extended temperature range of minus 40 to 125 degrees Celsius and is supported by the ADS1256EVM evaluation module, also available from Mouser Electronics.

 To learn more, visit www.mouser.com/ti-ads112u04-adc.