Graphene and Battery growth drives new appointments and Chairman consultancy at Talga

An expanded operational role for Mr Terry Stinson, Chairman of Australian advanced material technology company, Talga Resources Ltd , is among a number of staff and management appointments announced today.

The new roles are in response to the emergence of Talga as one of the world’s most advanced developers of graphene and graphite products, driving a rapid growth of Perth-based Talga in its commercial engagements and expansion of operational divisions in Europe.

As such, Talga has entered into a consultancy agreement (“the Agreement”) with its Chairman, Mr Stinson, a well respected technology executive with a long career engaging with international automotive, marine and aerospace companies.

Under the Agreement, Mr Stinson will focus on the commercial and R&D business of Talga’s operations, with the goal of progressing strategic, IP and commercial objectives, as well as providing further leadership within the European operations.

The Agreement has an initial term of 12 months, provides for an annual consultancy fee of $137,500 and may be terminated by either party giving two months written notice. The Agreement is in addition to Mr Stinson’s role as Chairman and should the Agreement terminate, his directorship and corresponding fees will remain in place.

The Agreement is in addition to the recent appointment of Dr Claudio Capiglia as the Director of Battery Technologies for the Company’s UK subsidiary, Talga Technologies Limited. Dr Capiglia is the former Senior Scientist for solid state battery technologies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) at Toyota. He brings more than 20 years’ experience in the Li-ion battery industry from research and development to manufacturing and more recently served as Professor and head of the Battery Group for the Italian Institute of Technology.

Other additions to the UK division include the appointment of Dr Karanveer S. Aneja as Senior Scientist – Materials in graphene products. Recruitment for commercially focussed positions in sales, marketing and customer relations in the UK is progressing, along with the employment of additional operational and technical support staff across the Company’s research and development facilities in Cambridge UK and its mineral resource operations office in Luleå, Sweden.

In Talga’s Perth office, Ms Nikki Löf has been appointed the Company’s Marketing & Investor Relations Coordinator.

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