Expanding Global Managed Security Service for Comprehensive Defense against Diversifying Cyberattacks: Fujitsu

Strengthening endpoint and cloud security and providing dark web threat analyses

Fujitsu announced that it is expanding its Fujitsu Security Solution Global Managed Security Service, which provides centralized lifecycle support, from cyberattack prediction to system restoration. The company is strengthening endpoint and cloud security and will provide analyses of threat information from the dark web.

Fujitsu is offering in Japan from May “Fujitsu Security Solution Cybereason EDR Service,” which offers a total package of deployment, operations, and maintenance for Cybereason EDR, software that can detect cyberattacks by unknown sources on endpoints using machine learning.

In the cloud domain, Fujitsu will offer a service to customers that use Microsoft 365 E5 whereby the company operates on their behalf accompanying integrated security services that defend from, detect, and respond to cyberattacks, and Fujitsu will also offer a service that provides customers individualized reports detailing dark web and deep web threats. Both services are planned to be steadily rolled out in Japan from August 2018.

In addition to these three services, Fujitsu is offering in Japan from May “Fujitsu Security Solution Global Managed Security Service Express,” which expedites deployment by offering a package of only the required parts of the existing Global Managed Security Service.

Going forward, Fujitsu will support the business continuity of customers by continually enhancing its Global Managed Security Service using cutting-edge security technology, contributing to the creation of a comfortable and secure networked society.

These new services will be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2018, which will be held May 17-18 at Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo.


In recent years, changes to the ways people work and the rise of cloud utilization have altered the ways ICT is used. It is also becoming difficult to deal with the entire range of increasingly diverse and sophisticated cyberattacks with just existing countermeasures, such as anti-virus products and firewalls. Under the Cybersecurity Management Guidelines 2.0, revised by the Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) in November 2017, companies are asked not only to defend against cyberattacks, but to embrace wide-ranging countermeasures, from attack detection to recovery.

In light of this situation, Fujitsu is expanding its Global Managed Security Service, providing from May operations and maintenance for Cybereason EDR, which can detect previously unknown malware attacks in endpoints, and is also enhancing its security countermeasures, by rolling out a managed operations service for the integrated security services that accompany the cloud service Microsoft 365 E5 and a service that provides individualized reports to customers on threat information from the dark web.

Fujitsu _Security_Cyber-attacks

Figure: Enhanced areas of the Global Managed Security Service

About the Enhancements

  1. An all-around service that performs deployment to operations of Cybereason EDR

Security countermeasures for endpoints, such as PCs, have mainly consisted of using antivirus products that block intrusion by existing malware, but in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of attacks by unknown malware that could not be blocked by these products, so post-intrusion malware countermeasures have become indispensable.

Starting in May 2018, Fujitsu will offer a service using Cybereason Japan Corp.’s Cybereason EDR, which can detect cyberattacks that could not be blocked by antivirus products, in which Fujitsu’s security engineers will comprehensively perform tasks like monitoring and operations. Because Cybereason EDR uses machine learning to recognize patterns of activity in a device that has been attacked, and analyzes movements unique to attackers, it can even detect attacks by unknown malware. With this service, Fujitsu’s security engineers will analyze alerts detected by Cybereason EDR, identify infected devices, stop inappropriate processes, and suggest recommended countermeasures, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This will reduce the burden of security operations for customers in endpoints such as PCs.

  1. Enable use of safe and secure Microsoft 365 E5 environment

Microsoft 365 E5, an integrated solution from Microsoft Corporation combining Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, offers cybersecurity countermeasure functions in a uniform manner across multiple services, namely, ID, e-mail, SaaS and endpoint. Running operations for those services not only requires high security skills, it also requires a 24-hour-per-day, 365-day-per-year monitoring system and rapid responses to intrusions such as malware.

Fujitsu has accumulated a broad range of experience by developing proprietary tools to detect warning signs of an attack in Active Directory, which is an important component in managing user information in Microsoft products, and used those tools in countermeasures for targeted cyberattacks. Building on this experience, Fujitsu will steadily roll out from September of 2018 a service in which its security engineers will handle everything from the operation of the integrated security services included in Microsoft 365 E5, to 24/7/365 monitoring of customer environments, to the response after a cyberattack is detected.

  1. Collaboration with IntSights for technology capable of collecting dark web threat information

In order to be prepared for advanced cyberattacks, it is important to plan countermeasures in advance with an understanding of the attacker’s motives, goals, characteristics, and methods, but the judgment of a security expert with specialized knowledge is indispensable in extracting information relating to one’s own company from voluminous and wide-ranging attacker information.

Fujitsu has agreed to collaborate with IntSights Cyber Intelligence Ltd., which offers a service that can collect threat information from the places that attackers use to share information, such as the dark web, which are difficult for ordinary people to access. Scheduled for August 2018, Fujitsu is set to offer a service to extract and analyze threat information for specific customers from the massive amounts of information flowing through the dark web and deep web.

  1. Global Managed Security Service Express, cuts time for deployment to one third

Based on the insights and experience gained from providing the Global Managed Security Service to customers across a variety of industries, handling monitoring and operations, Fujitsu is now launching Global Managed Security Service Express, which can reduce deployment time from the previous three months to just one month by systematizing and offering only the most essential services in the Global Managed Security Service, such as 24-hour-per-day, 365-day-per-year real-time log monitoring.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product / Service Name Retail Price (tax excl.) Availability
Fujitsu Security Solution Cybereason EDR Service From JPY 14.1 million/year May 2018
Fujitsu Security Solution Global Managed Security Service Express From JPY 250,000/month May 2018

Note: Pricing is in the case of deployment of 1,000 Cybereason EDR units.

 For more information, please see www.fujitsu.com.