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Trend Micro Cloud One - Open Source Security

Trend Micro Launches First & Only SecOps Solution to Slay Open Source Code Bugs

Built with Snyk, this Trend Micro Cloud One service saves time per vulnerability & improves visibility & tracking automation 
Tips to keep online information safe

How to Stay Safe Online: 5 Tips and Tricks

Is your online information safe? Hacks, breaches, and cyber threats have increased right alongside the worlds use of digital...
Secure Vault IoT Security

Secure Vault – World’s First IoT Security Solution to Achieve PSA Certified Level 3...

Award-winning low power SoCs enable developers to secure IoT products against software & hardware attacks which can compromise intellectual property, ecosystem, brand...
iOS security

iPhone users are the safest? Think again

Your iOS security can be breached, and here’s how A lot of iPhone users tend to think of themselves...
home security camera

Who has access to your home security camera?

The FBI warns: home surveillance devices are being targeted Mounting an IP camera is the same as hosting an...
SECORA ID security solutions

Infineon’s SECORA ID X drives introduction of contactless multi-application ID solutions based on JAVA...

Infineon Technologies AG extends its easy-to-integrate security solutions for contactless electronic ID documents. SECORA ID X is the company’s new flagship for...
COSEC-VEGA-FAX_advanced door controler

Matrix COSEC VEGA FAX, an advanced door controller security solution

Matrix introduced COSEC VEGA FAX, an advanced door controller which has a 3.5’’ TFT display with a capacitive touchscreen interface to put...
Cyber Security with AI Technology

Cyber-Security with AI Technology to protect against Deception Attacks

Fujitsu Laboratories announces the development of a technology to make AI models more robust against deception attacks. The company strengthens Cyber-Security with...
cybersecurity tips for students

Top 5 essential cybersecurity tips for students

With the back-to-school season in full swing, the dangers of online hacks, scams, and other cybercrime are on the rise.
proactive cybersecurity

Cyber Insurance is NOT a Substitute for Cybersecurity

The article explains Why having cyber insurance is not enough to protect an organisation from cyber threats and how proactive cybersecurity is...