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Organizations across the globe are constantly searching for more efficient ways to connect with customers, business partners, suppliers and staff. The ability...
AI & 5G makes enterprises more vulnerable to attack

AI & 5G makes enterprises more vulnerable to attack: A Study

More than 80% of cybersecurity and risk leaders in a new global survey say the technologies could make enterprises more vulnerable to...
Hardware-based cybersecurity

Next-Generation Hardware-Based Cybersecurity Products

UltraSoC announced next-generation hardware-based cybersecurity products that can be used to detect, block and record cyber-attacks in a broad range of applications –...
Cybersecurity Operation

Industry-First Cybersecurity Operation Centre As-A-Platform Solution

ST Engineering’s Electronics sector launched a first-of-its kind Cybersecurity Operation Centre As-A-Platform (SOCaaP) that delivers customised security operations centre (SOC) solutions that...

5 Steps to Prepare for a DDoS Attack

It’s inevitable almost as death and taxes: somewhere, at some point, you will come under a DDoS attack. The reasons...
Top Executives from C2A Security and NXP

Cybersecurity solution for connected & automated vehicles

C2A Security announced a comprehensive automotive security solution, developed in collaboration with NXP, utilizing NXP Semiconductors' secure CAN (Controller Area Network) transceivers.
CyberSecurity Crises 2019

CyberSecurity Crises That Shocked 2019

Cybercrimes alone cost the nation more than 1 trillion dollars globally, much more than the recorded 300 billion dollars of damages to a natural...
Automotive Cybersecurity

Keysight’s Cybersecurity Portfolio to Prevent Cyber-Attacks on Connected Vehicles

Keysight Technologies delivers broad cybersecurity portfolio, including hardware, software and services, to address the growing concern of cyber-attacks on connected vehicles.

Why you need DDoS appliance

More and more organizations are adopting cloud-based DDoS defenses and substituting them for their old, premise-based DDoS appliances. Nonetheless, there are still a number...
Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive Cybersecurity Program with Proactive Protection

There are more connected cars in production and on the road than ever before, and these provide fertile ground for hackers to exploit potential...
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