Maxim’s  Ultra-Low-Power MCU Enables Extra Battery Life, Scalable Memory available at Mouser

 Mouser Electronics, Inc.,  is now stocking the MAX32652 ultra-low-power microcontroller from Maxim Integrated. Offering designers the low-power consumption of an embedded microcontroller with the capabilities of a higher-powered applications processor, the MAX32652 is the latest offering from Maxim’s family of DARWIN Generation UP microcontrollers, which combine wearable-grade power technology with large embedded memories and advanced embedded security.

The Maxim MAX32652 microcontroller, available from Mouser Electronics, is based on an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with a floating point unit (FPU) and supports a future-proof memory architecture that enables designers to grow the capabilities of their Internet of Things (IoT) device applications. The memory-scalable device integrates 3 MBytes of flash, 1 MByte of SRAM, and a clock running up to 120 MHz. Low-power SRAM retention modes help extend battery life, and the low-power active mode features advanced power management capabilities. Additional memory expansion is available through external memory using the device’s 120 MBytes-per-second HyperBus/XcellaBus DDR interface.

The MAX32652 microcontroller provides a range of high-speed peripherals, including high-speed USB 2.0, an SD card controller, and a TFT display. Additional serial interfaces include dedicated FIFOs that enable communication to external sensors, a four-input, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that monitors system power, and an I2S port that supports bi-directional audio streaming. The device also leverages Maxim’s best-in-class security toolbox to help create secure sensors for IoT applications.

The Maxim MAX32652 microcontroller is ideal for applications such as fitness monitors, wearable medical patches, portable medical devices, industrial sensors, and other battery-powered IoT devices. The microcontroller is supported by the MAX32650 Evaluation Kit, also available to order from Mouser. The MAX32650 kit contains a MAX32650 microcontroller with a pre-programmed demo, JTAG debugger with ribbon cable, and two USB cables.

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