Make product selection ten-times faster with Schneider Electric

New online tool helps panel builders save time and avoid errors when configuring circuit breakers

Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has launched MyPact, a web-based product selector and ordering tool for low voltage (LV) circuit breakers. Accessible by desktop, tablet or smartphone, MyPact is compatible with the latest Schneider Electric products, including its Compact and Masterpact LV circuit breakers.

When assembling a panel or board, panel builders can lose precious time by accidently selecting incompatible products. Often the mistake is realised too late, and suffer delays as they remove and rewire their panel components.

MyPact recoups lost time, offering fault-free product selection and a faster ordering process. It allows panel builders to start projects and populate them with error-free, compatible components entirely in-platform.

The tool notifies the user when they have chosen an incompatible product and can offer recommendations to ensure they chose a device with the right voltage for their setup.

MyPact helps deliver an up to ten-fold decrease in the time taken to choose the correct panel components. It provides comprehensive product information through free PDF downloads and allows users to order directly from Schneider Electric straight from the platform.

Users can even save projects in progress within the tool’s secured cloud storage, helping them put down and pick up their work anytime and anywhere.

Gary Buckingham, product and segment marketing manager at Schneider Electric, said “We see technology as a powerful aid to help make the lives of our customers easier. We hope MyPact becomes an essential tool for our panel-building partners, helping them win back lost time and increase their productivity. It’s the fastest, easiest, least-hassle way to make a bill-of-materials that’s ready to go.”

For more information, and to access the MyPact selector, please visit