STMicroelectronics leads MEMS and Sensors Innovation & Application

STMicroelectronics a leader of MEMS devices has showcased its innovative solution on Smart City India Expo 2018. Electronics Media spoke to Vishal Goyal, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Analog and MEMS Group, RF, Sensors and Analog Custom Products, Asean-ANZ and India, to discuss ST’s new focused portfolio of Industrial MEMS sensors,  its application, features and various innovative product & solution based on smart industry, smart parking, smart driving, smart grid and smart home.

Electronics Media: Throw some light on STMicroelectronics Leadership in MEMS Market?

Vishal Goyal: ST has already established itself as the market leader in MEMS technology for Consumer and mobile applications. Apart from that ST is fastest growing company in the automotive domain. If we talk about the present scenario, ST has put a lot of focus and stress towards advanced automation and Industrial IoT by adding Industrial Sensors with high accuracy, stability and 10 years longevity assurance to its portfolio. ST is progressing into it by manufacturing more and more sensors suitable for Industrial Sensor

Electronics Media: What makes Industrial sensors (MEMS Sensors) different from Consumer and Mobile application sensors and what striking features ST MEMS Sensor holds?

Vishal Goyal: The requirement of industrial application is slightly different than consumer and Mobile applications. Firstly, in consumer applications, we keep on introducing new sensors in line with innovation in end application requirements. Whereas, Customers working in Industrial sector want a long term commitment from us to avoid frequent design changes. Because of this reason, ST has introduced industrial MEMS sensors which comes with 10 years availability guarantee.

Secondly, Industrial sensors are optimized for Industrial robustness, precision and stability. The new sensors, to be made available during 2018, begin with the IIS3DHHC, a 3-axis accelerometer optimized for high measurement resolution and stability to ensure accuracy over time and temperature.

Electronics Media: What are the Industrial MEMS Sensor use cases and applications?

Vishal Goyal:   Industrial sensors are used for Predictive maintenance. MEMS sensors can pick the vibration of motors and provide critical input to analyse the frequencies which motor is generating. This information is used to capture fault in motor in as early sign of failure.

Another application for MEMS inside industries can be Tilt detection. The IIS3DHHC targets precision inclinometers in antenna-positioning mechanisms for communication systems, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) equipment for keeping buildings and bridges safe, and stabilizers or levelers for a wide variety of industrial platforms.

Smart Parking


MEMS Sensor is also entering in smart city applications such as smart parking in which you can detect the occupancy of parking lot.

 Electronics Media:  ST is into Smart Industry, Smart home, Smart driving and Smart Industry, with respect to MEMS sensor which is the more targeted area?

Vishal Goyal: ST has already established itself as the market leader in MEMS technology for Consumer and a mobile application. ST is fastest growing MEMS sensors company in automotive. In automotive we have a strong position in non-safety applications such as telematics and anti-theft system. We have also entered into airbag sensor application. Now we are strongly focusing into industrial MEMS sensor.

 Electronics Media: How is MEMS Product market in India and what are your strategies for it?

Vishal Goyal: We are seeing good growth, in automotive sector as the government of India has mandatory to put the sensor in telematics applications.  Though smart city and smart industrial application are in initial stage but there are lot initiative and progress continuing in these directions.

Our strategy is to bring a different solution to customer or vendors so that they know from where to start. ST is giving them reference solutions and actual demos, to make them understand solution completely so that they can implement it into their business. India is a mass market country and ST is supporting it by its advanced technology and unique propositions.

Electronics Media: Why customers and Vendors choice should be STMicroelectronics?

Vishal Goyal: Firstly, ST has innovative MEMS sensors which have strong demand in India.  Secondly, ST is making things easier for its customers and start-ups by not only providing IC but also by providing solutions. ST is helping to develop strong knowledge base by providing its reference solutions and actual demos that are close to end application. Thirdly, ST is technology enabler for India smart city mission. We have expertise in technology and provide unique proposition such as MEMS sensor, Microcontroller, NFC and Smart meters to demonstrate our technology leadership.

Electronics Media: Brief us about the Solutions showed at your booth?

Vishal Goyal: We have showcased several products based on sensors. One solution can do FFT frequency analysis for predictive maintenance of motors. We have also displayed STM32 Open development Environment that help developers work on ST products easily using modular HW and SW support. Smart parking solution is based on Sigfox, M-Bus and 6LoWPAN wireless technologies. We have also displayed NFC/RFID tags and Readers, Alexa Based smart home solution, smart Grid and metering solution and BLE Mesh for smart home building and industry.