List of Top 10 Machine Learning Platforms for Developers

Machine Learning is not a new word for technology lovers. The most amazing technologies we use every day and perhaps you don’t even know that they are driven by Machine Learning. The Siri, Alexa or Google now is popular virtual personal assistants are your daily companion,  whether its self-driving cars, Traffic Predictions, product recommendations for online shopping or effective web search, Machine Learning is transforming our day to day life.

Machine Learning has made technology simpler for the end user but for developers, it’s still complex and challenging.  Let us see the top 10 Machine Learning Platform and their vendors who have established them as a leader in ML domain.

Machine Learning Platforms Brief Description
H2O H2O is open source software which allows developers to apply predictive analysis and ML both to various cases.
Accord.NET Framework Its core code is written in Java and available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. It is a .NET machine learning framework which is combined with image and audio processing libraries written in the C# programming language.
Open NN It is open source C++ programming library and designed for developers who want to implement neural networks.It allows developers to create commercial applications that are dependent on Machine learning such as signal processing and pattern recognition
ai-one It enables to build intelligence into almost any software application. Its API enables machines to learn with or without human supervision.
IBM IBM Watson platform is well known and widely used platform for developers and business users.  IBM offers extensive openness, hybrid cloud support and strong analytic capabilities across the full analytic pipeline.
Microsoft Azure In the cloud,  Microsoft offers Azure Machine Learning. In September 2017, Microsoft released the Learning Bench, the Learning Model Management service, and the Learning Experimentation service — that allow developers to build their own artificial intelligence models.
 Veles It is a distributed platform introduced by Samsung. It offers API comprised of trained models immediately used for data analytics.
Neon It is a deep learning framework based on Phython by Intel Nervana. It supports developers as they launch, build, and train deep learning technologies.
Deeplearning4j It is an open source library with deep learning as its core. It offers to build deep neural network for business environments that work on  distributed CPU and GPU
TensorFlow Used for high-performance numerical computation and is designed using open source software. It allows framework of deep learning across desktop, servers, mobile and edge devices.